Jessica Simpson Weight Loss Journey

Jessica Simpson Weight Loss Before After

Jessica Simpson is an American singer, fashion designer, an author and an actress. Jessica’s body has always been a topic un media and suffered from criticism for years. After giving birth to her third baby 2 years ago, Jessica decided to focus on her appearance.

How did Jessica Simpson lose weight?

Jessica hired a personal trainer Harley Pasternak and also a nutritionist Liz Josefberg to start her weight loss journey. In Hollywood Life Jessica admitted that, “My weight was in the high two hundred, that’s a lot of weight and I was just uncomfortable.”

This motivation was what got her through something as hard as losing weight. Jessica’s trainer also commented when Jessica lost over 100 pounds worth of weight and said, “The difference between this and the other time was that she worked out, yes, but her transformation was more about what she did on her own time.”

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Three balanced meals per day:

Jessica did not cut down on her food and enjoyed her three meal every day while losing weight. Jessica did a diet called Body reset Diet that was created by her trainer Harley Pasternak. She was instructed that she could eat whatever was enjoyable to Jessica as long as it contained fiber, protein and also something with fat.

Jessica took 1200 to 1400 calories every day and Harley said, “She made sure to make her healthy food very flavorful” which means that Jessica enjoyed her diet while many consider it a burden and do not want follow through it.

Jessica never stopped eating what she loved instead she said, “I personally don’t stay away from foods if I want something, I will have some of it, but I am good at putting it down” and that shows us that she has self-control that many people lack while food is mentioned.

Drank a lot of Water to lose weight:

Jessica drank about 100 ounces of water every day while losing her weight, as it helps our bodies to metabolize food fast which end up burning some calories and cutting weight is more effective then ever. Jessica nutrition made some comments about this and said, “Hydration is a secret weapon for weight loss.

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Jessica Workout routine:

Everyone thinks that working out for at the least 2 hours per day would be helpful in losing as much weight as Jessica did but that is not true. Jessica lost 100 pounds by exercising only three hours per week, as shocking as that sounds it is true.

She would spend 45 minutes on exercising on different groups of muscles and to lose weight all over her body, her weekly regimens included resistance exercises.

Jessica also walked daily as her trainer reported, “Shortly after she gave birth, as soon as we got medical clearance to start walking, we had a daily step goal on her Fitbit.” Jessica followed her trainer’s advice and set up a goal of walking 6000 step every day at the start which led up to her walking 12000 step per day which very easy to follow and walking in itself is very effective workout.

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