Jorge Garcia Weight Loss Journey

Jorge Garcia Before After Weight loss

Jorge Garcia is an actor and a comedian. It is reported that he weighted around 400 pounds and now he has lost nearly 100 pounds. If we take a look around people in our surroundings we will see them as perfect with their perfect life although that is obviously not true nobody is perfect everybody has flaws and same is in this case when we look at Jorge we do not find any flaws in him, his net worth is $5Million, lives in a big cool house and doing great in his life but to him he had problems and one of them was his weight.

Jorge Garcia as a role model:  

Jorge now serves as a role model for the ones who are trying to lose weight naturally and a healthy way. People find Jorge’s weight loss transformation motivating. Although it is now that people are considering him as their role model but when he weighted 400 pounds people told him to lose some weight and slim down to continue working on screen. Mostly producers would ask him to lose some weight for instance the producer of Lost.

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Even though he did lost weight around 30 pounds during the tv series Lost but he got balked and went back to his prior lifestyle with unhealthy diet. It did not work out for him then but it did call his attention to his unhealthy life decisions and he then knew that he had to do something about it. So, he made contacts with gym instructors and nutrition experts.

Did he have Gastric Bypass Surgery?

Although many thought that he must have had gastric bypass surgery but that is not true. He really worked hard trying to lose weight and losing 100 pounds is not a piece of cake. He did an amazing job with his strict exercising and dieting regimen, it was all worth it clearly.

Jorge diet regimen:

First of all, he stopped drinking alcohol and he started eating spinach, carrots and all of the vegetables, also protein and fibrous food that includes Avocados, apples, broccoli, dried fruits and many more. One thing that helped him the most was the Nooch diet (deactivated yeast). It discrete fat.

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He swaps his unhealthy dieting with healthy one, instead of greasy foods he prefers fruits and vegetables, low carbs and high protein food. He changed his eating habits incredibly, it was said that he had struggled with food addiction but it seems like he is doing fine now.

Workout regimen:

Of course, workout is must with dieting for a better result. His trainer has a whole set of exercises for him. Those exercises are:

  • Wrist-rotation
  • Cardio
  • Arms circles
  • Shoulder rotation
  • Neck rotation
  • Running and jogging
  • Sit-ups
  • Stairs running
  • Air cycling
  • Breathing exercises
  • Push-ups.


However, we can say that he showed immense motivation and got what he wanted still he has a long way to go. His weight became a threat to his career at some point although he is doing great now. He is now appreciated and considered a role model for people with same issues.

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