Celine Dion Weight Loss Journey

Celine Dion Weight Loss Before After

Celine Dion is one of the world’s most famous and popular singer for about 20 plus years. She became an international sensation when her first album “Union” was released back in 1990. Celine is famous for her different style of songs such as pop artist, Celtic songs and country music and has secured a lot of awards in her career such as World Music Awards, American Music Awards and Grammy Awards.

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How Celine Dion lost so much weight:

Celine started looking very thin that caused her fans and many people being worried about her health as she started to look too thin but she cleared that up when she said in an interview on ABC News, “Yes it’s true I have started looking really skinny lately. Everything is fine, nothing worth being worried about.”

Celine Dion Diet:

The main concern was about Celine getting sick but as Celine is a vegetarian and gluten free dietician she says that “I eat a lot of vegetables, I do not drink wine anymore, I take care of my throat” which keeps her healthy.

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When people were curious about her diet and asked her, she explained that she eats a lot of vegetables and avoid any type of sugar and bread, she said she also ate baguette and salad for her lunch or cauliflower soup but also mentioned that she does not do that for her weight but for her throat as for a singer their throat is the most important thing.

Celine’s Workout Routine:

The only thing Celine said is the reason for her weight loss is that she has been doing ballet four times a week and said about her love for dancing multiple times in interviews, she said, “dancing has been in my DNA all of my life. It’s a dream and so hard.” She also said, “I am working hard. I like to move and weight loss comes with it.”

After taking over as a director at New York City’s Ballet in 2010, she started taking private lesson two time a week with the members of Dance Theater Workshop and said that all this burn quite a few calories. It also into view that Celine has lost over 50 pounds worth of weight.

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Her fans got really worried about her weight loss saying that “She looks so fragile”, “I have never seen her look this skinny”, or “Celine, you are too skinny” but Celine explained and said, “I am doing this for me. I want to feel strong, beautiful, feminine and sexy.”

It is also said that she does Pilates exercises for her back which also helps her to reduce stress level. Also, she mentioned herself that her days are spent on walking and running on a treadmill so that also explains how she lost all that weight.


Celine had always had a slim figure and she also mentioned that there is no one in her family that is overweight and she just lost some pounds for her own sake and everything is fine, nothing to worry about.

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