Chaz Bono Weight Loss Journey

Chaz Bono Weight Loss Before After

Chaz Salvatore Bono is an American musician, actor and writer. He weighted 250 pounds and in November 2012, he swears to change his life by losing weight. So, he prepared himself for a new journey. At first, he set his goal to lose weight around 50 pounds although he has lost more than that, it is reported that he has lost 80 pounds or more.

How did Chaz Bono Lost weight?

Chaz Bono’s Diet Regimen:

He concentrated on fruits and vegetables, mostly fruits in the free time between meals besides these he also focusses on meat. He said that he cooks them differently so things will not get boring for him and keep them interested. He totally avoids sugar, grains, dairy excluding goat cheese and white starches, of course there might be more.

He believes that it is not about dieting. It is about changing habits forever”.

As he had started / chose this way of eating habits he now gladly says that he will continue to stay like this till the end.

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He spoke about diet and said that he feels satisfied and comfortable with the way he eats now and it feels like a miracle to him. He never imagined that he would be that kind of a person.

He feels good how he looked in the mirror now, it additionally boosts his confidence. By may 2013 he already lost 60 pounds, that is a big change.

According to him diets do not work and you have to change what you eat that is going to make the difference.

Chaz Bono’s Struggle:

Bono struggled with his weight since his childhood. He came from a family where everybody was slim so it was not kind of acceptable for him to be heavy”. Although he was not that much heavy in his childhood but they still wanted him to follow diet plans and to keep focus on his eating habits. It must be difficult for a child to bear all this.

Workout Regimen:

He does not prefer high intensity workout. Although he likes to dance and also does martial arts training. If you really notice, he did not do much to lose weight just right diet and right exercise is enough.

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Bono takes dance classes as he really likes to dance besides it help him shed few pounds. dancing is fun and he took dancing as exercising so, basically, he enjoyed working out. Some people might not know but fast dances like hip hop and all can burn at least 550 calories. Meanwhile slow dances can burn at least 300 calories.

About martial arts and kickboxing can burn up 350 to 450 calories. These exercises will also help an individual stay away from stress and frustration.


To sum up everything, Chaz Bono struggled a lot but also came up even more strong than before. He changed his lifestyle to be healthy which everyone should learn from him. He advised to not follow strict diets but change the way you eat just like he did, the results will surely bring you more motivation and confidence. As every new day is life giving you another chance to change your life for betterment.

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