Tiffany Haddish Weight Loss Journey

Tiffany Haddish Before after Weight Loss

Tiffany Sara Cornilia Haddish is an American actress, comedian, and author. She has gone through an admirable weight loss transformation by shedding 50 pounds over the past few years. In July 2018, when she quit smoking, she started to gain 5 to 10 pounds a month as leaving cigarettes made her metabolism speed up.  “I’ve been eating like it ain’t nobody’s business,” she told Ellen DeGeneres in October 2019.  “To counteract that, I started working out on the fourth of July.”

Tiffany Haddish Workout Routine:

Tiffany was motivated by the late Olympian Florence Griffith Joyner. “I had this thought in my mind that I want the body of Flo-Jo!” she said. After weighing 182 pounds on her birthday in 2019, she told People that she lost 40 pounds by December 2020, and she lost an extra 10 pounds after 3 weeks in her 30 days fitness program. Tiffany now exercises every 15 minutes to 2 hours every day.

Tiffany is also following Freeman’s 30 Day’s Transformation Program which provides a personalized fitness and nutrition plan. It helps to analyze your body mass index (BMI) which then makes a custom plan emphasizing nutritional tips and workouts such as plyometrics, cardio, and strength training.

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Currently, she’s in love with virtual reality work out. “I got these Oculus glasses that changed the game. I’m kind of addicted to the VR and this app called ‘Supernatural. I’ll do 20 minutes, or maybe 10 minutes in the morning, and I’m fiending to get back on” Tiffany explained. She has gotten so addicted to it that by mid-afternoon and evening she’s like “I got to get back on my goggles”

Tiffany Haddish Diet Regimen:

Tiffany has not only focused on her workout routine but she has also remarkably switched her diet regimen to healthier foods which is all about nutrition. “I’ve been eating differently, eating way more vegetables, definitely eating directly out of my garden and just really putting in the work, making sure I sweat every single day and staying up on nutrition,” she told People. “Nutrition is everything.”

The 30 days program has made her follow a vegan diet which she confessed was not easy for her. As she has faced homelessness and food insecurity in the past it was very difficult for her to find a right balance in the nutrition. “I was homeless and hungry, that’s two H’s you don’t want to be! Once I got over that hump, I felt relieved.”

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Tiffany said she grows strawberries, kale, Swiss chard, celery, and more in her home garden. She would blend them all together and enjoys her juice in the morning as it makes her feel energized and refreshed. She also likes to drink on her turmeric and ginger tea and for snacks she likes to take fruits, nuts, and pickles. Tiffany said in an interview that she would absolutely like to enjoy some meat after her 30 days program but she will be very careful in what she consumes.


In conclusion I would like to say that it was not easy for Tiffany to quit smoking, working-out vigorously and maintain her diet regimen, but she managed to accomplish her goal in losing weight by staying strong and confident.

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