Casey King Weight Loss Journey

Casey King Weight Loss Before After

Casey King is an actor. He struggled with obesity and was 711 pounds. Life was pretty difficult for Casey and the fact that he did nothing for it but only played video games instead. Even he was willing to change his life around but obviously automatically losing 711 pounds is not a piece of cake. Along with his cousin Amanda King he started his journey to Family by the Ton.

In one of the episodes, it was kind of sad to watch the way his father had to give him a bath in a stock tank because he was too big to fit in bathroom tub.

Routine of Casey King Throughout the day:

Casey spend all day on his bed playing video games and the only break he took was when he had to eat something even for that he did not have to move his father would bring the food to his bed. It is okay to play games and eat but too much excess of anything will become poison for the consumer.

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How Casey changed his life:

Casey went to see Dr. Procter, on the way to see the doctor, King said that he is afraid to know his weight and he is terrified from standing on a scale machine. After he got to know his weight which was 711 pounds, he then talked to his doctor and the doctor without being hesitant said to King that he is going to die pretty soon, that is harsh but it is reality and the right approach which might have motivated him. His doctor told him to come back again after losing 60 pounds [27 kg].

So, Casey did what was needed to be done, he joined the gym.  His trainer helped him lose weight although the doctor said 60 pounds but Casey lost 80 pounds prior his appointment with the doctor.

With all the efforts, his diet, work-out, surgery and the support he got from everyone specially form his parents. Most of the parents would not go to such lengths for their kid sadly yet Casey was lucky enough to have them.

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Casey’s weight loss transformation astonished everyone and most of all him the most. He never thought that he would be able to lose this much weight. He believes in trying to change his life for the better one day at a time which is a positive impact on the other morbidly obese individuals.

Casey king confessed in a video that 2020 might not have been the best year for everyone due to Covid-19 situation but for him it was the best year he said, life for me is blossoming”.


To add everything up, the story of Casey’s weight loss transformation gives a great message for not only morbidly obese people but also for the one’s who are under 100 pounds and are willing to be fit. If an individual is really unhappy about his life then he must take actions for it even if the progress is slow. Obesity is a mental disease which is triggered by boredom and disappointment.

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