Paul Lieberstein Weight Loss Journey

Paul Lieberstein After Weight Loss

Paul lieberstein is an American actor, screenwriter, television director and producer. He is multitalented. He has won many hearts of people. There were some rumors going about Paul that he lost weight due to cancer which broke hearts of his many fans. He did not weight much but comparatively he look skinnier.

Paul produced as well as played a supporting role in “The Office” a comedy series. Where until Season 6 he looked just fine, his usual self and in good shape but in season 7 his fans noticed that he looked pale and skinny. Some were saying that he must be trying to lose weight and that makes sense as every actor or forget an actor every person has this desire to look good on screen although the way he looked pale and way too thinner made his fans curious and worried about his health that he might be sick.

Was Paul really battling cancer?  

In 2013, the rumor initiated that Paul have diagnosed with cancer, it was leukemia or lung cancer still was not sure although if it is lung cancer then the doctors have said that there is a high chance of survival in lung cancer so there is that. His fans tweeted that he looks sickly and missed out numerous events at the very same time when he looked like he is losing weight. Other than that, some stated that he also showed symptoms for instance dizziness and puking. Although nobody was sure what he was going through.

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His two months of absence in the show made everyone believe that something really was wrong. After his comeback his fans were contented and shocked at the very same time as why did he appeared looking like this all of a sudden. Although he has gained weight now but no comments or confirmation from Paul’s side till now. People assumed in his time of absence that he was receiving chemo therapy at some hospital.

Paul’s reaction to the rumors:  

Paul is a very private person he likes to keep things in his life private, rather not expose everything. This might be the reason why he had not clarified the whole situation. He is not on any social platform and only uses twitter where he does not have a huge fan following and there is a probability that he has not heard the rumors or even if he heard them he might not want to talk about the rumors or his suffering.

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How his fans are coping up:

His fans are disappointed yet glad that he looks fine now and does not look as sickly as he looked in season 7-8 but disappointed mostly as he never confirmed or denied the rumors officially. People were worried about him and were looking for answers hoping that someone might know something.


However, his millions of fans and his family really supported him throughout this phase whether he was diagnosed with cancer or was sick with other diseases whatever the reason might be people will always love and cherish Paul Lieberstein.

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