Melissa Peterman Weight Loss Journey

Melissa Peterman Weight Loss Before After

Melissa Margaret Peterman is an American actress and comedian. Melissa Peterman gained a lot of weight after she gave birth to her firstborn son in October 2005 and when she appeared at The Help Group’s 8th Annual Teddy Bear Ball in November 2005 she looked a lot curvier and was unrecognizable.

Although a year later the actress shocked everyone at the red-carpet event by looking slim and trim, even better from her previous form. Melissa’s weight loss was due to her incredible workout routine with her personal trainer and her high fiber, high protein, low carb, low fat and low sugar diet.

How did Melissa Peterman Lost Weight?

Melissa Peterman Diet Regime:

Melissa’s diet plan consist food which is high in protein and are low in carbohydrate. She entirely cut off all her old eating habits and replaced them with organic and healthy diet plan. In an interview with “Self”, she revealed her diet plan. She also disclosed how difficult it was for her to keep up on her diet with a toddler. She consumes 500 calories in just morning. She also believes in the “an apple a Day” theory which is great.

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Her daily diet routine which she talked about in her various interviews are; For breakfast she takes Egg-white omelet with spinach, turkey bacon, and a fresh smoothie. For lunch she prefers mostly lentils soups with a whole grain dish. For dinner she eats rigidly vegan dinner.

Obviously, it is difficult to follow strict diet so once in a while everyone deserves a cheating meal or so. So, in order to fulfill her cravings, she does have her favorite snacks, ice cream, pizza and some cookies. She makes her snacks herself which is why they are healthy.

Melissa’s healthy lifestyle:

Melissa doesn’t only follow a healthy diet plan but also focus on maintaining a healthy lifestyle as well. The first and the very basic step of a healthy lifestyle for her is significance of having a complete eight-hour sleep. It helps an individual to keep their mind productive all day. The next step of a healthy lifestyle is that one must keep their body hydrated by drinking lots of water which will help your body to keep fresh.

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Melissa advices her fans to not skip their breakfast at any cost Additionally, she also advices them to only work hard and not follow any shortcuts for instances any surgeries and harmful medicines.

Melissa’s workout regimen:

It is very important to follow a rigid workout routine side by side with a strict diet as following only one of them will only waste your time as it will not be that much affected although that does not mean that one must torture themselves. Her workout routine divides in to two, the first is normal body rotation exercises that involves jogging and running, wrist rotation, neck rotation, push-ups, sit-ups, breathing exercise, arm circles and shoulder rotation. The second one is cardio and strength training with bodyweight exercise.

Melissa believes that only going to the gym daily will not help her as getting a personal trainer was more convenient for her and of course, she can afford it as many cannot.


In conclusion, it was hard for her to keep up her healthy lifestyle but she is trying her best to maintain it. She has become another inspirational model for the people facing the same difficulties as her.

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