Why am I Sweating on Keto Diet?

Sweating on Keto

Sweating and Keto

Whenever there is a talk about the keto diet, there is a talk about sweating. It is due to the fact that ketogenic diet pushes the human body into an altogether different kind of phase called ketosis that works on a different set pattern and hence like many other changes, random sweating on a keto diet is called into question.


Is sweating normal on a keto diet?

Yes, sweating is pretty normal on the keto diet so there is nothing to worry about. Switching from high carb to low carb diet has some impacts, and sweating is one of them. Sweating on ketosis is common in the initial phase of the keto diet. Once the body adjusts with the change, all the abnormalities fade away.


Night sweats on the keto diet

Sweating is a random thing to be happening on a keto diet but night sweats are more frequent. The reason is that during the night, the body has a higher activity of ketosis. It means that during the night more ketones are being burned. As a result of this, the temperature rises more rapidly and the body experiences more intense heat flashes as compared to those experienced at day.


Reasons for sweating on keto

There are quite some reasons that may cause sweating. However the most relevant to the keto diet has been discussed below in detail so that you do not miss on anything. Don’t forget to read the basic rules of keto before you start following the keto diet.


Low blood sugar levels

Keto diet involves low carb meals. Carbohydrates are nothing but sugars. When you discard them from your meals, eventually, the body gets low on sugar. When this happens and glucose levels run really low, the temperature of the human body rises. At one point, it causes sweating. [3]


Transition phase

The early phase of a keto diet is a transitory phase where your body is pretty much confused between ketosis and its normal state. When you start a keto diet and push your body into ketosis it cannot just get used to it. The body takes time to adapt itself to a new phase.

During the initial few weeks body has to switch from burning glucose in order to get the energy to burning fats for energy. In other words, the body has to adjust itself to use ketones to meet its energy requirements. So in this process body lacks fuel and sugars. This confusion and deficiency of some nutrients cause hot flashes that further lead to sweating.

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Withdrawal symptoms

Withdrawal symptoms are no myth. They are for real. Whenever your body is exposed to a certain kind of food, it becomes used to it. When it is taken away, the body feels to be in an alien environment. In most cases, it also reacts to the change. That reaction is called the withdrawal effect. When it comes to a keto diet, carbohydrates and sugars are withdrawn from the body. Since the body is used to carbs, it reacts and withdrawal symptoms appear. One of them is sweating. Hence heavy sweating on keto diet could be nothing but withdrawal symptoms. [4]



It is a common understanding that on a ketogenic diet human body sheds a lot of water that has to be replenished quickly. When you do not drink enough water, the human body becomes aggressive and starts craving for water. Metabolism becomes fast that not only raises core body temperature but also generates heat waves that take the form of sweat.


Extreme workout

Along with following a keto diet strictly, some people go the extra mile and start doing exercises as well. Workout has lots of perks. It boosts up ketosis and makes you lose weight at a much rapid speed. However, one drawback is that extreme workout cases excessive sweating on a keto diet. On ketosis, the human body is already low on carbohydrates, water, and electrolytes and is trying to adjust accordingly. Workout makes it even worse and starts draining the body further of water and electrolytes.


Sweat triggers

There are certain things that trigger sweating on a keto diet. Spicy foods such as processed meat are rich in proteins and proteins are highly recommended on a keto diet. It makes an ideal meal. However, it has an ability to trigger immune response giving rise to hot waves throughout the body that ultimately lead to the body. The same is the case with coffee. It is an excellent drink with zero carbohydrates, however, it triggers sweating on a keto diet because it has a dry texture. You might feel that your mouth is drier after you have coffee. The reason is that it sucks water and leaves you dehydrated. Therefore, such triggers lead to excessive sweating on a keto diet.



Sometimes the people who experience intense sweating on a keto diet are already suffering from hyperhidrosis. It is a medical condition in which a person suffers from extreme sweating. It happens when the nerves in the human body meant for sending signals to sweat glands become extra active. This over-activeness makes them send signals to sweat glands for more perspiration and as a result of this, a person sweats more and more.  When a person with hyperhidrosis opts for a keto diet, sweating gets out of hand. Therefore, this could be another explanation for excessive sweating on a keto diet [5] [6]


How to get rid of increased sweating on a keto diet?

Sweating on ketosis can be really problematic especially if you go to the office or attend a class in university or visit sites with your contractors. Therefore, it has to go away. There are some hacks that are exponentially helpful in fighting sweating.

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Increase the intake of electrolytes

One of the best options is to recoverElectrolytes the electrolytes as soon as they are lost through sweating. Electrolytes like sodium, magnesium, and potassium are very essential and must be replenished frequently. When the body has the number of electrolytes it needs, sweating could not really do any harm. Therefore, increasing the intake of electrolytes could help in combating sweating when the body is in the transitory phase.

In addition to this, there are some supplements that are pretty helpful in replenishing lost electrolytes. You can find the best electrolyte supplement for keto here.


Avoid sweat triggers

Triggers are the things that canSpices initiate and worsen sweating. Sweating and keto are already associated with a strong bond, any triggers could aggravate sweating making it impossible to bear. Spicy foods are the giant trigger. Although, spicy foods do not have a hot effect in reality, however, there is an ingredient in them which is called capsaicin, which triggers our immune system. Our immune system, as a result, starts working on flushing it out and a sudden internal activity causes sweating.

Besides this, alcohol and smoking must also be avoided at all costs because both of these are sweat triggers.


Decrease caffeine consumption

Cutting back on caffeine Coffee Beanshas a positive impact with regards to sweating. You might be wondering that caffeine consumption is recommended on keto diet than why do you have to cut it back. The answer is very simple. Caffeine is extremely beneficial as it gives energy and has zero carbohydrates but when it comes to sweating, it carries a major drawback. Caffeine quickly dehydrates the body, depletes you of essential electrolytes, and also furthers sweating.


Drink a lot of cold water

Drinking water, in general, is healthy.Drink Water However, drinking cold water, in particular, helps in alleviating night sweats on the ketogenic diet. It lowers down the core temperature of the human body and as a result of this, there is very little sweating in sleep on a keto diet. In many cases, there is no sweating at all.


Use breathable fabric

When you experience iShirtsntense sweating on a ketogenic diet, make sure that all the fabric around you is made up of breathable stuff so the air can pass easily. Quilts, clothes, and blanket should be of light fabric so the sweating at night is curbed. Also, wear loose-fitting clothes.


Eat Flaxseed

Flax seeds are not only healthy and rich in fats [2] but they also possess some extraordinary potential to reduce sweating. Flax seeds have the same qualities as that of antioxidants. Some studies also prove that flax seeds can curb heat flashes in the body and can reduce night sweating on a keto diet. [1]

Flaxseed oil can also be used by adding it to food or drinks. If you want to buy either flax seeds or flaxseed oil from an online source, here is the link.


Ground Flaxseed Flax Oil

Medical treatment

If nothing helps in fighting out sweating, the option of medication is still available. There are lots of oral medicines, injections, and other related things that you can try but only after consulting a doctor in person.

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