Can keto diet make your stomach gurgle?

Can keto diet make your stomach gurgle?

If your body is on ketosis, you might face a bit gurgling sound in your stomach. Now, this is not something to be much alarmed of. However, we are here to tell you why it can happen and what you can do to avoid this if you are concerned about this.

Give this a read and you will have all the info you need to have regarding the gurgling sensation when your body is in the state of ketosis.

Can ketosis make your stomach gurgle?

Firstly let’s talk about what happens in your body when you are in a state of ketosis. The body uses carbs for energy expenditure. In this way, the fat remains in the body and gets stored. When the body is put in ketosis, it uses the stored fat for energy instead of using the carbs. This allows the body to get rid of toxins, improve the metabolism, and eventually allows you to lose the extra pounds that are present in the body in the form of stored fat.

Now during this process, as your body is getting adjusted to this new energy utilization mechanism, there are some mild and common changes that might follow as well. One of these can be stomach gurgling noises.

Dehydration in ketosis

Basically, when the body is not using many carbs, they remain in the bloodstream. So in such a situation, the body tends to get rid of the excess glucose by frequent urination. In this way, the body can feel a bit dehydrated. Since you are getting adjusted to this new mechanism, dehydration, if not regulated, can make your stomach get a gurgling sensation.

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Similarly, the ketones being made up in your body also lead to excessive urination. In such conditions, your body requires a bit more fluid to keep up with the extra urination that can cause dehydration. In order to avoid such situations, make sure to monitor your fluid intake.

Feeling of fasting

While your body is utilizing fats instead of carbs, it is tricked into believing that there are no carbs in the body to be used. This gives a sensation of a rather empty stomach. Sometimes this sensation can make a person’s stomach give off that gurgling sound.

Is it alarming?

Since your body is getting used to the new changes that are coming in as a result of the ketosis process, there are going to be some effects like a feeling of mild euphoria, dehydration, and similarly, there can a bit of gurgling sounds. It is common in the phase of adjustment. However, you need to be worried only if these never stop or if it comes with constant pain in your stomach. In such a situation, consult a physician because it’s not really associated with the process of ketosis.

How to avoid stomach growling

Although it is nothing much to be worried about since it is only happening because your caloric intake might be decreased a bit. However, if you want to make the gurgling sensation go away, do try to take small meals in a frequent manner instead of eating a large meal at one time alone. This will keep the stomach feeling filled all the time and it will not lead to growling sounds.

Other reasons for stomach gurgling

Usually, ketosis is not the main reason you might be experiencing stomach gurgling. There could be some other reasons as well that you might associate with the process of ketosis. Here are some reasons that could be the cause of stomach gurgling:

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Hunger pangs

If you are spending a great deal of time without eating any meal, sooner or later, you are going to feel the hunger pangs. These are basically the contractions in your stomach that happen when it is empty for a long time. These contractions come with a noisy wave. These noises make your stomach gurgle with noise. It can be embarrassing at times, but to avoid that, make sure to eat at the right time.


When the food you have eaten has not been disgusted properly, it makes rather funny noises in your stomach. It can happen due to any reason but if you are experiencing such a situation of indigestion, try adding more fibrous foods to your diet that will help you get rid of indigestion. In this way, your gurgling sounds in the stomach will eventually fade away as well.


When food goes down in the stomach, it gets mixed up before digestion. This happens through a process called peristalsis. During this process, the stomach makes contractions that make the food go up and down in there. In this way, the food breaks. Sometimes, the gurgling sounds can be because of the peristalsis going on in the stomach.

Keep the ketosis going!

It is all merely part of the ketosis process that is helping your body get already on a track of healthy metabolism and weight maintenance journey. Along this, even if you are experiencing an effect of stomach gurgling, let the body go through these processes because stomach gurgling is normal and only an indication of a little hungry stomach. In ketosis, that is only happening because your body is shifting to a new energy source. Let your body adjust to these new changes. Let your body get used to these changes so that it can welcome the new metabolic changes in the body for a healthy change.


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