Can keto diet cause hiccups?

Can keto diet cause hiccups?

Are you concerned about getting hiccups while on ketosis? Well, hiccups can be a bit disturbing and even embarrassing at times. We are here to talk about the connection between ketosis and hiccups. Although there isn’t any evident or concrete connection between these two. However, if you are experiencing hiccups after being on ketosis or following a keto diet, here are some potential reasons for following it.

Are hiccups a sign of ketosis?

Let’s first talk briefly about the process of ketosis and what your body actually goes through. Basically, when your body is in ketosis, it uses an alternate source of energy. Normally our body uses carbs for energy and stores the fat in the body. On the other hand, during ketosis, the body uses fats for energy instead of carbs.

During this process, the body gets adapted to some new changes. Asa a part of these changes, people might experience some things like more urination or dehydration. Similarly, some people might even experience hiccups since everybody adapts to it a bit differently.

How can ketosis cause hiccups?

If we ponder upon some of the reasons that might be causing hiccups in ketosis, these could be the main ones:

Fats domination:

Hiccups are usually caused when the nerve connecting to the diaphragm is disturbed. It can sometimes be related to a change in the dietary pattern that you are following. During ketosis or on a keto diet, your body is more dependent on fats instead of carbs, it gives that stomach instant fullness, this can cause you to have hiccups sometimes.

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Feeling of fullness:

During ketosis, the body gets the feeling of fullness due to the presence of fatty foods. Since on the keto diet, you are taking up more fatty foods than carbs and fatty foods have the potential to cause hiccups more than other foods, it can also be a reason why you are experiencing hiccups.

Are hiccups common in a keto diet?

Although this is not a common effect of ketosis or a keto diet. However, everyone experiences different changes while shifting to a keto diet. Some people experience hiccups as an effect of keto diet change. Since hiccups are not something to be much alarmed about, if you are having hiccups on the keto diet, it might just mean that your body is getting adjusted to the keto changes. On the other hand, if the hiccups are non-stop and do not stop after any remedy, we would suggest you consult a physician because then it might be happening because of some other reason.

Other reasons for hiccups:

Usually, hiccups can be caused by several reasons that differ from condition to condition and there is no single reason that is allotted to be the cause of hiccups. Here are some other reasons you might be having hiccups that have nothing to do with the keto diet:

You might be eating fastly

The way you eat is sometimes equally important as what you are eating. If you are eating something too fast, you might hit the nerve connecting to the diaphragm. In this way, you can get hiccups as a result of eating this way.

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Nerve disturbance

The nerve leading up to the diaphragm can be irritated or disturbed just for any reason, that might not be related to food consumption. It can cause hiccups or even some constant hiccups. If they do not stop, consult a physician.

Feeling of nervousness

Sometimes emotional sensations can also trigger hiccups. if you are feeling nervous or some kind of disturbance, it might cause some harmless hiccups for a while.

Avoiding hiccups on ketosis

If you are having hiccups after following a keto diet pattern, here are some things that you can do in order to avoid this situation:

Drink water

Water has been proven as a good remedy for hiccups so if you are having hiccups you can try drinking a glass or two of water that can help you get rid of the hiccups.

Avoid eating very fastly

Whatever you are eating, make sure to eat it not too fast. It can cause hiccups so we would suggest you take in all the food but at a normal speed like one bite consumed at a time so it gives you time to properly consume your food first.

Holding breath might help

This might sound a bit odd but no you will not have to hold your breath for a very long time period. Holding your breath for 10-15 seconds once or twice can really help you to get your hiccups to stop.

Should I be concerned?

Well, it is not really something very alarming for you to be concerned about. Although it might just be a new change your body is experiencing as a result of ketosis, hiccups are not that harmful. If you are unable to stop them, then it might be extreme or a condition that is more commonly known as chronic hiccups. In this situation, you might be a bit concerned and consult an expert to know whether you should be concerned or not and what you can do to get rid of it.


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