Is Oat Fiber Keto Approved?

Oat Fiber

People who follow a keto diet become conscious of everything they eat and drink because they want to be sure if eating one particular thing will support them on their keto diet or it will kick them out of ketosis. The same is the case when with oat fiber [1]. Let us see whether oat fiber on a keto diet is keto friendly or it is something that should be avoided while following a keto diet.

What is the difference between oat flour and oat fiber?

This is something you need to know before you add oat fiber to your keto diet. People keep confusing oat fiber with oat flour, although both of these things are completely different. Oat fiber is beneficial for a keto diet while oat flour is a poison for a keto diet. Oat flour [5] is made by grinding oat and using it in powdered form. On the other hand, oat fiber is made by using the husk of oats. So do not mistake oat flour for oat fiber.

What is the nutritional content of an oat fiber?

It is imperative that you know what you are eating. In order to judge oat fiber through the lens of the keto diet, we need to know what does it contain. Let us explore the nutritional content of oat fiber.

How much oat fiber should be consumed on a keto diet?

Oatmeal has an amazing taste and texture along with its suitability on a keto diet. However, you cannot consume it randomly without keeping track of the calories. Too much or too little oat fiber can cause problems. Therefore moderation is the best option. 100 grams of oatmeal contains 56 grams of carbs. The basic calculation shows that if you 25 grams of oat meals per day then your carbs intake would be only 14 grams that fall in the recommended daily intake of carbs (20 to 30 grams) on a keto diet.

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What are the benefits of an oat fiber?

Oat fiber provides a lot of benefits especially when it comes to the keto diet. Let us, therefore, see what advantages do we get when we consume oat fiber.

Oat fiber improves digestion and gut health:

It is a common understanding that on a keto diet digestion related issues do occur. In addition to this stomach pain also arises due to many reasons. Oat fiber fixes all such things. Not only that it improves digestion and all the problems related to it but it also supports gut health and eradicates stomach pain and inflammation of the stomach.

Oat fibers induce a feeling of fullness:

Keto followers do face a problem on a keto diet where they feel hungry again and again and crave for their favorite foods. Moreover, they also cannot shed off their habit of eating off and on. This is where another benefit of oat fibers come to the rescue of keto followers. Oat fibers induce a feeling of fullness and evaporate the hunger. It does not let you feel hungry for quite a long time and helps you in following your keto diet in a better way.

Oat fiber adds to the prevention of diseases:

Not only that oat fiber supports a keto diet in a variety of ways, but it also protects you from various diseases. Oat fiber has shown its function in preventing lethal diseases like cancer. Moreover, it also has the tremendous capability of preventing heart related diseases and many other chronic illnesses.

Oat fiber is gluten free:

This is something really good. We are surrounded by people who are allergic to gluten and they are not allowed to consume it. Oat fiber is a good option for them if they are following a keto diet. It does not have any trace of it. Oat fiber is a two in one package as such people can enjoy its perks related to the keto diet meanwhile staying away from gluten.

It assists in weight loss:

Oat fiber has proven itself and shown that it assists a person on its keto diet. It improves digestion, improves blood sugar levels, and also stabilizes the blood pressure. In addition to this, it helps a person tackle its abnormally eating routine by making him/her feel full and therefore assists and speeds up the weight loss process.

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Oat fiber is rich in dietary fiber:

As the name suggests, oat fibers are rich in dietary fiber [4] and dietary fiber is something essential to a keto diet. Dietary fiber makes smooth the bowel movement as well as induces the feeling of fullness. Therefore, the presence of dietary fiber in oat fiber makes it worth consuming on a keto diet.

What are the side effects of oat fiber?

Oat fibers are the least harmful. They have more advantages than disadvantages. However, when it comes to certain situations, oat fiber does give a tough time. Let us examine those situations so they can be avoided by people who are religiously following a keto diet.

Oat fiber can cause diarrhea:

What happens is when the body is not used to dietary fiber, diarrhea [3] may occur. This happens mostly in the initial days of consuming oat fiber. After a few days, it is fixed automatically as the body learns how to process oat fibers. The simple solution is that start with smaller portions of oat fiber and does not consume it in abundance during starting days. Gradually increase the quantity of oat fiber in your meals in order to avoid any unpleasant situation.

It can cause constipation:

This situation arises when people consume a lot of quantity of oat fiber in the meal and does not chew it properly. Instead, they just swallow it and let it go to the stomach without properly crushing it. In such a case, when oat fiber reaches the intestine they block it. Hard oat fibers, therefore, cause constipation [2]. However, it is not a big deal. All you have to do it chew and crush it properly so that they are pass through the digestion process and move out smoothly.

Is oat fiber allowed on a keto diet?

Yes! Oat fiber is highly ketogenic and it is okay to consume oat fiber on a keto diet. It provides a wide variety of benefits on a keto diet ranging from supporting digestion to the prevention of chronic diseases, from inducing satiety to providing dietary fibers. All these attributes make oat fiber keto friendly. Thus, you can have oat fiber on a keto diet without any second thoughts.

How to get oat fiber?

In case you are wondering from where to get the most desirable and keto-approved oat fiber, here is the link of amazon for you.

You may click it and place your order. This organic oat fiber weighs 680 grams and contains plant-based insoluble fiber. It is completely organic with zero addition of preservatives and additives. Most importantly, it is gluten-free.

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