Cloudy Urine on Keto Diet

Cloudy Urine

Cloudy and smelly urine and a keto diet:

People who have followed a keto diet are sure to say that they went through various changes among which one was related to urine [4]. They might add on and tell about stinking urine and different colors of urine. Upon hearing, do not worry! Let it be known that it is associated with a keto diet and is pretty common on keto. However, you should learn the reasons behind this phenomenon.

Why do people experience foamy, cloudy, and smelly urine on a keto diet?

There are many reasons that may cause a change in odor and color of urine on a keto diet. Let us dig deeper and bring every reason to the surface.

Dehydration causes bright yellow urine on a keto diet:

Dehydration is one of the main reasons behind yellow and bright yellow urine especially when you are following a keto diet. Yellow and bright urine is the indicator that your body is depleted of water and you have become hydrated. It is no secret that water is crucial to a keto diet. The low water level in the body on a keto diet badly impacts the whole diet plan and leaves many effects like a change in the urine color.

Increased urination and increased urination volume:

Urinating again and again with increased pressure and volume is what makes urine foamy on a keto diet. What happens is that urine keeps collecting in the urinary bladder in a large volume. As the urine gathers there, pressure increases and the person feels an urge to urinate. As he urinates, the pressure causes bubbles to appear in urine that makes it foamy. Drinking water more than required increases frequent urination.

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Fat burning turns urine a bit oily on a keto diet:

Another thing that people on a keto diet experience is that their urine becomes oily and they feel oil like tendency in it. This is due to the fact that the body turns to fats for energy instead of carbs. Fat burning is also depicted in urine and as result urine carries acetoacetate [1], a keto remnant that is oily in nature, therefore, urine becomes a little oily. This is something unusual and only common to the keto diet. Oily urine is the confirmation that your body has switched to fats and has achieved ketosis.

Ketone breath makes urine stinks:

Ketone breath is referred to as the odor that is produced due to the birth of ketones in the body. Ketones and their remnants exhibit a specific odor that is also present in the urine and makes it stink. It is in fact the indication that your body has passed the transitory phase and is now in a state of ketosis.

Pregnancy on a keto diet:

Pregnancy can also cause certain urine related issues. If you are following a keto diet during pregnancy then it is highly possible that you experience a change in color and smell of urine and even in its texture. During pregnancy, urination problems might not be only because of the keto diet. Some infection or risk factors might be associated with it too. Therefore either avoid a keto diet during pregnancy or seek medical help as soon as you witness the change.

There may be other health issues :

Other health issues might be responsible for dark and smelly urine on a keto diet. Sometimes it is the medicine that you take for certain health issues that changes and adds to the texture, color, and smell of urine. These may include :
1. Diabetes
2. Heart diseases
3. Preeclampsia
4. Kidney issues
5. Urinary tract problems
6. Certain bacterial, viral, and fungal infections

Is it normal to see changes in the odor and color of urine on a keto?

Yes! It is highly normal to experience a change in the odor and color of urine on a keto diet. And it happens for lots of reasons. The major reason is the production of ketones on a keto diet. What happens is that high ketones in urine on a keto diet are responsible for changed odor. Therefore, you need not worry about smelly and dark urine on a keto diet.

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When do you actually need to worry about urine issues on a keto diet?

Change in odor and color of urine on a keto diet is normal. However, there are a few instances where you need to look out for yourself because that situation could actually be a potential danger for you. Sometimes urination issues are not because of a keto diet and when you experience those problems you need to contact your doctor as soon as possible. Following are the things that are not associated with a keto diet and you need to beware of :
1. Blood in urine on a regular basis
2. Pain in the lower back (kidney problem) [5]
3. Uncontrolled urination
4. Having a burning sensation during urination
5. Difficulty during urination
6. Extremely cloudy urine

How to treat and fix urine color on a keto diet?

You do not need to stress upon the color and odor of urine on a keto diet. It has been established that the color and odor or urine do change on a keto diet and it is quite normal. There are certain solutions to avoid and get rid of these things. Let us explore those solutions.

Drink an appropriate amount of water:

It is imperative that you drink a lot of water in order to fight dehydration. Drinking water does not only replete the depleted water but also maintain electrolyte balance in the body. In addition to this, it also dilutes urine and helps in achieving the normal color of urine. Staying hydrating on a keto diet is therefore very important, beneficial, and healthy for lots of reasons.

Avoid consuming foods that may flare up urination problems:

You should, at all costs stay away from foods that may aggravate the color and odor of urine along with adding up to urination issues. There are some foods that exacerbate urinary issues and add to the trouble. These foods include:
1. Alcoholic beverages
2. Carbon containing drinks
3. Caffeine in any form [3]
4. The citric acid (citrus fruits)
5. Vinegar
6. Spicy meals
7. Tomatoes

Addition of garlic:

Adding garlic to the keto diet helps to fight any type and kind of possible bacterial, fungal, or viral infection. Garlic is associated with its quite some properties. Garlic is known for its anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antiviral functions. Garlic can be added to tea or be taken separately. Moreover, it can also be added to your keto diet meals for additional taste as well as for its aid in eradication urination problems.

Use of probiotics :

Using probiotics [2] essentially helps when it comes to urination issues on a keto diet. In particular, it fights bacteria that may have been accumulated in the urinary tract. Probiotics assist gastro-intestinal tract as well as the urinary tract to resist the adherence or gathering of any kind of pathogens that may infect your body parts and cause a change in color and odor of the urine on a keto diet.

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