Wayne Knight Weight Loss Journey

Wayne Before After Weight loss

Wayne Elliot Knight is a former private investigator and an American actor. He is mostly famous for his role Newman in Seinfeld. His character is about a guy who is trying to fit in but nobody wants him to. When the show ended in 1998, he then lost 100 pounds.

He lost weight naturally and not through gastric bypass surgery. He exercised regularly and controlled his diet thoroughly and ate less than usual. He said, people would act surprised when seeing him because of his weight loss.

His Interview with Susan Spencer:

In his interview with a news reporter Susan spencer, knight said, We have got my trainer, cardiologist, psychiatrist and my support system.  He was always considered as a fat guy. He met his cardiologist Danial Eisenberg when he was shooting a scene where he had to run with his pants down. He said, that “I cannot catch my breath in the middle of the shooting”. That was the time which led him to visit his cardiologist.

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Wayne’s addiction for food:  

Knight was obsessed with food which tormented him. He always knew he had a problem and it needed to be fixed. Knight said in his interview that he was not eating because he was hungry he was eating for many reasons. He said, “I was eating to numb myself, and when I began to have a look at the fact that I was eating as an addiction.”

Then when Danial confirmed all his terror by saying, “you are heading towards death” which frightened Wayne to death. And that is how he decided to change his life around and choose a healthy life style.

Fitness specialist:

Danial Eisenberg recommended Wayne a fitness specialist Marc Vahanian. Knight hesitantly agreed. “we got started, like really easy, like persuading a scared animal”, says Marc.

Wayne’s Support System:   

Wayne gives credit to everyone who has been with him and encouraged him and not only this but actually helped him to get where he is now. When he first started with his fitness specialist he said, that he felt like he cannot do it but when he gradually started making progress he felt like doing more and more. Moreover, he said, It is like you are climbing a mountain, you look down and see how far you have come”. Now Wayne take 1,500 calories a day, his food comes from gourmet delivery service.

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Of course, the help and support Wayne have, not everyone can have or afford that kind of supporting team even Wayne admitted it. Wayne believes that if he can do it then who can’t?


Losing weight is a struggle that if one has to lose weight he must have to stay committed and should have a lot of encourage. Being healthy is difficult, but it is still better than an unhealthy life with a fear of death. Wayne said, “I was very happy, it is great to be funny and not be fat funny”. He avoided surgery and went for a natural and traditional way which encouraged people a lot and their respect for him escalated even more.

Losing a pound isn’t a reward. Being healthy and feeling good about yourself is the reward.

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