Tessa Brooks Weight Loss Journey

Tesa Brooks Weight Loss Before After

Tessa Brooks is a multi-talented American actor, model and dancer and she has managed to have more than 3.2 million followers and subscribers on her YouTube channel. Tessa has always supported others and always encourages her fans to love themselves no matter their size or weight, she always had a very sweet relation with her audience and fans.

How did Tessa Brooks Lose Weight?

Tessa was never fat, her fans has always supported and complimented her be it for her work or glamour. Tessa loved that but she still always thought about losing at least 20 pounds so that she could feel happier and more confident.

She always thought about her extra weight and felt discouraged even though she always loved her body and also encouraged her fans and everyone to love every body type no matter what, deep inside she also wanted to lose some weight so she decided to do it.

Tessa Brooks Diet Regimen:

Tessa was always the card food lover so losing weight was difficult since she decided to di it back in 2016 but lost it in 2019, she even said one, “How am I supposed to lose weight when the best part about life is mozzarella sticks.”

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She had been trying to lose weight for 2 or more years and every time she lost around 15 pounds, she would gain her weight back for even slightly swaying for her diet. So, this time she was hell bent on doing it with strict diet and workout.

First of all, she included smoothies for breakfast, for lunch she had light green salad or some chicken tacos while for dinner she would usually have tacos or some other light meal. She also decided to avoid any kind of dairy food which was very hard for her as she loved dairy food.

Tessa also mentioned that she also ate everything other than healthy food but in moderation but also tried to have fat free meals as much as se could when she was outside.

Tessa was nice enough to also give some tips to her fans while losing weight, she told them to avoid eating chips, sour cream cheese, white rice, dairy food and specially to avoid cheese and corn and you will see obvious results.

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Tessa Brooks Workout Regimen:

Tessa has never been very fond of going to a gym and said, “I am not a person who usually likes working out in the gym” but she loves dancing, jogging, Pilates classes and hiking, she did all these things to lose her weight which is why she enjoyed losing her weight.

Some resources say that she also did some cardio for at least 30 minutes per day which is the best exercise for an athletic figure and losing weight fast. She also did some Yoga and other exercise that she could do in her home.

She also did some exercises for abs that is planks for at least two minutes as planks is good for abs and is also affects whole body, she did twenty pushups everyday for her arms and also did some jump lunges. All these exercises helped her to lose 20-30 pounds of weight.

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