Susan Boyle Weight Loss Journey

Susan Weight Loss Before After

Susan Magda lane Boyle is a famously known Scottish singer. Susan always faced criticism and bullying due to her obesity. She was heavy since childhood and comparatively she was chubby than most of the kids in her age. We can not say all was going alright in her life as she faced many hardships but above all came even a huge problem for her, in 2012, she was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.

That rang a bell to Susan to change her life it was a Now or Never situation. After Susan’s doctor told her about this type 2 diabetes, she then started taking things seriously regarding her health. The first decision she took in order to change was to lose weight”.

How did Susan Lose Weight?

Susan has already lost 50 pounds worth of weight with her hard work, right diet and exercises. It seems easy when someone else do it only few are the one who really take the motivation and actually work on it. So here are some guides of Susan from which she lost 50 pounds all natural and healthy.

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Workout Regimen:

With dieting a person has to work out to balance, if an individual is lacking any one of them then the result will not be as good as doing the both. However, Susan is not a teenager but she is 50 plus so it would be best and also safe for her to choose a workout that is not going to hurt / affect her knees. So, walking is the safest solution she chose.

Keeping in her mind that she is diagnosed with type 2 diabetes she first started with walking 2 miles per day. Most of those who do not know but walking helps cure diabetes. It decreases the sugar level of an individual. Additionally, walking is the best work-out an individual can do to lose weight gradually with the right diet.

Diet Regimen:

Susan consulted with her doctor as she was diagnosed with diabetes as well. Her doctor recommended her a sugar free diet. She was eating fruits and fresh juices that carry dietary fiber and natural sugar, vitamins and minerals. But the problem was that Susan is a sweet lover so her doctor recommended her to eat sugar cane or brown sugar instead of any unhealthy sweet. Besides these she focused on eating vegetables as well.

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Susan was also having Garcinia Cambogia which is a tropical fruit also know as brindle berry. It blocks the body’s ability to make fat and also beneficial for diabetic person. It is mostly utilized to burn the fat of the body and make the metabolism better.


However, Susan’s weight loss transformation is incredible. Everybody knows how hard we think losing weight is but with the dedication and motivation it becomes easy and that is the reason why we think while looking at others, wow it was so easy for them why can’t we do it too. We all need to change our priorities and our mind set regarding changing our life for the betterment.

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