Skin Cancer : Types, Images, Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Skin Cancer : Types, Images, Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

It is assumed usually that skin cancer is mainly triggered by the UV rays from the sun and so if the sun is not present in the sky, it means no need to worry about the effects leading to cancer. While it might seem like a valid thing to believe, there are chances that you might want to reconsider this and keep up with the latest research on the matter.

If we come to numbers, in 2019, there was an awareness campaign led by the national health services in the UK which made over 50,000 people go and check whether they are vulnerable to cancer symptoms. While the awareness campaign might have appeared to be alarming for people going for symptoms check, a mass number means that there is a negating theory coming up that it is not the only sun that can cause skin cancer.

It is widely known that there isn’t much sunlight entering the realms of the UK so it’s usually cloud-filled weather over there. In such a country, skin cancer is still quite prevalent and on average almost 2000 people lose their lives annually to skin cancer. While it is not a contagious form of skin cancer, it is the 5th most common type of cancer that becomes the root cause here namely “melanoma”

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Forms of cancer usually differ from each other in several aspects and there are some notable factors that bring a line of difference between skin cancer and other forms of cancer. If we consider cancer metastasis, in relation to skin cancer it is not very common. However, its triggering factor is known to be associated with exposure to the sun.

At the same time, it is found to be happening in the areas that do not get the sun exposure needed for the triggering. The areas we usually cover like the back or feet get triggered instead. This tells something different about sun exposure. Research has also revealed that such a form of skin cancer can also turn out to be a cause of other forms of cancer as well.

All this info can be a bit confusing and it can really raise some questions and concerns regarding the current info we have in relation to skin cancer. You might be thinking that there are many new concepts that you have to wrap your mind around with evolving theories.

Give this article a read to know everything you need to about skin cancer, how you can differentiate it from other things like a mere mole or what can be the root cause of different types of skin cancer, and what can be done to avoid such leading factors.

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Types of skin cancer:

The cause of skin cancer can vary. It can be environmental, genetic, or any other leading cause. With this, there can arise different forms of skin cancer as well. Here are the commonly recognized forms of skin cancer that can occur.

Basal cell carcinoma:

This type of cancer is known to be the most common skin cancer. While the causes can vary, a factor of fair skin has been found to be common in several cases of Basal Cell Carcinoma. Usually, people who have been exposed to the rays of either natural sunlight or some other effect of it like a tanning source, are found to be a bit more vulnerable to encountering the impact of the type of skin cancer.

Due to this, it can be found more commonly on the areas which are more exposed to the sunlight or uncovered, usually like the neck or arms. The appearance of this skin cancer is close to looking like a pinkish pearl. Even if it is a moderate form of skin cancer, it needs to be treated as soon as possible because delay in its treatment can lead to difficulty treating it.

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