Sean Murray Weight Loss Journey

Sean Murray Before After Weight loss

Sean Harland Murray is an American actor. He has faced a time where he was obese. He lost 25lbs, he did not suddenly lose this much weight he did it slowly. He tweeted. “slowly a pound every week or two”. Although some did not quite really notice his weight loss until someone highlighted that he looks sick, he must be dying or what, rumors like this but he put all of these rumors to rest when he came clean about his weight loss transformation.

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How did Sean Murray Lose Weight ?

Sean Murray said I was leisurely losing weight but some of you had only noticed it now. He also said to watch the DVDs of the show he was working on that time and you could see the weight that he lost in the 24 episodes of season 7 of NCIs, it was just amazing.

Of course, everyone then was curious about how he lost 25 pounds so he tweeted in 2010 that said. To those who have asked what I did to lose the 25 lbs. 14 months of no alcohol and almost no sugar.  He ate strictly organics.

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Zero Alcohol:

He took baby steps for his weight loss transformation and did not put stress or pressure on himself he stayed calm and followed his diet plan that he mentioned was zero alcohol as it has a lot of side effects so everyone must avoid it at any cost for instance it causes you to gain weight, has a great effect on your mental health as well as brings down the energy of the body and make you depress.

Quitting alcohol also makes your skin better as alcohol dehydrate your skin and body tissues. You will feel the difference when you put a stop on alcohol or else you will not only face side effects from the outside of your body but also the insides as it comes with many diseases.

Almost No Sugar:

Besides alcohol he stamps out sugar. Most of the people are unaware of how much sugar we take throughout the day. Too much intake of sugar can also be harmful for your health, causes high blood pressure, diabetes, heart diseases and much more.

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We eat such unhealthy food and we do not care what does it made of and how much calories do it contain. Everyone must opt for healthy diet, sleeping schedule and workout routine.


Sean Murray has become a motivation for a lot of people who have unhealthy lifestyle. He taught us that you do not have to go extreme on yourself with excessive diet plans or go on hunger strikes.

Just avoid simple carbs with simple exercises and you will be alright. No need of excessive diet and working out plans. Just like how Sean Murray has lost his weight gradually and the fact that the weight that is lost slowly will be gained slowly as well!

Little positive efforts that one makes in his life takes him to even better place in his life. So, one must believe in himself and step forward even if they are baby steps. And as the quote says:

Self-belief and hard work will always earn you success.

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