Sarah Simmons Weight Loss Journey

Sarah Simmons Before After Weight Loss

Sarah Simmons is a popular actress as well as a mother of two adorable daughters. Everyone likes to be the center of attention and Sarah is no exception. She has always been the attention seeking person and she has again sought all the attention with her natural and healthy weight loss. After the shooting of her former season on Love after lockup” she posted a picture on her Instagram account flaunting her slimmer body.

How did Sarah Lost Weight?

Losing weight is difficult but not a rocket science, one can easily lose weight if he / she shows consistency. Same is in the case of Sarah, she straightforwardly said that this is not as easy as people might think it is. Unfortunately, there is no easy solution, said Sarah. Even so it was hard for Sarah to lose weight, yet she still lost around 80 pounds.

Sarah’s Diet Routine:

Regarding her diet she simply said that she eats only low carbs and low sugar and eats as much protein as possible. Moreover, she drinks plenty of water and avoids any kind of calories. If one is serious about losing weight, then they must avoid / give up fried items and sweets because avoiding these will surely be a healthy choice for individuals as well as help them have a slimmer body. 

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Sarah’s Work-Out Routine:

Work-out is significant along with the proper diet plans. Otherwise, only dieting will not show effective results and vice versa in the case of an individual, if he is working out excessively and not following a diet plan then does not matter how much squats or jumping jacks one does it will not be effective on its weight.   

Sarah Simmons works out five days a week. She does cardio mostly. She is a mother of two little girls so running after them would be much tiring and automatically it counts as a workout for her. Although Sarah seems to enjoy her routine and leading a healthy lifestyle. 

Criticism Sarah Faced on her Weight Loss:

Sarah is a public figure which means that the public have the right to say and judge them, which ought to be stopped because they might be famous and public figures, but they still have feelings. 

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All the efforts and hard work Sarah has put into losing weight is considered the art of editing and the work of filters by people on her pictures. If only it was as easy as snapping fingers, right?, said Sarah.

Nobody knows how much effort one has put into something and going on making bad comments about others is not considered cool or a good thing, people ought to know their limits.


To add everything up that has been affirmed so far, heading towards a good start and being healthy is extremely important. Sarah has made a life-changing decision for herself and by looking at Sarah others can be inspired by her choices. She has choose the traditional way of losing weight which is way better than the surgical way which might not guarantee a healthy life. 

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