Renee Zellweger Weight Loss Journey

Renee Zellweger Weight Loss Journey

Renee Kathleen Zellweger is a 52-year-old American singer and an actress. She has won numerous awards / honors. She has starred in many movies / shows. One of her romantic comedy film series called Bridget Jones Diary where she played the main role and had to gain quite noticeable amount of weight around.

In the end of first part of the series she tried to slim down and followed diet plans, her weight fluctuated in the portions of the series. Renee had to eat 10+ donuts in a day a bowl full of spaghetti, French fries’ hamburgers just to gain weight.

How Renee Zellweger Lost Weight:

Bridget Jones’s relationship with her body was complex, she said in “Today” 2016, I never thought that I had weight issueshe thought, that was something everybody think and behave, for instance people don’t notice that deeply of another’s flaws than an individual itself do.

She further said, we think, oh I would love to change this thing about myself when in fact, nobody else notices it, but you. She additionally said, it is that thing about contemplation and self-judgement.

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Renee’s Diet Plans:

In order to get in shape Renee went on a diet where she avoided potatoes, flour, rice, fried items, bread, chocolates, sugar, ice-creams and what not. She almost gave up everything to lose her weight and she did it. she lost 24 pounds [11kg].

The actress follows Dr. Atkins diet, their diet put blame of gaining weight on carbohydrates and it is banned in their diet. Almost 90% of their diet consists of meat fish eggs what not.

She lost 24 pounds with the help of low carb diet. After giving up all the things above she ate healthy food only, she limited her food and adhere to follow a diet which includes, vegetables which is cucumbers, cabbage, spinach, tomatoes, the most effective in losing weight is cucumber.

Besides vegetables, fish, meat like beef and duck. In order to follow a perfect diet, you must avoid fried items other than that all the items mentioned above is allowed in any cooking way possible.

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For beverages, plenty of water that will not only help you lose weight but also makes your skin glow, you can also drink tea and coffee with no honey sugar or anything that will sweetened it.

Renee’s Work-Out routine:

Renee currently weight around 53 kg [116 pounds]. She said that where ever she goes her first priority is to join a gym. No matter what country or city she is in she will first go find a gym. She now prioritizes her fitness which is very noticeable now that she has a toned body.

Most people ask Renee about her weight loss journey and most of them ask her about her weight gain journey. In both cases Renee is capable of guiding others regarding the two methods as she has experienced both of them.


To add every thing up that has been stated so far is that Renee has inspired many either from her weight loss and weight gain journey. People now have another person to look up for inspiration.

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