How did Rachael Ray Lose 40 Pounds Weight

Rachael Ray Weight Loss Before After

Rachael Domenica Ray is an American celebrity chef, television personality and a businesswoman. In 2009, Rachael went through a surgery, throat surgery to remove a cyst (it can grow in any part of one’s body). The surgery went very well although for whatever reason her weight started increasing and it reached around 277 pounds.

Rachael’s Weight Loss Journey:

To control her rapidly growing weight she started going to the gym with her husband John Cusimano. She completely tried to change her routine by waking up early and going for running 5.6 kilometer a day, daily. Of course, besides exercising she controlled her diet as well otherwise what is the point of torturing your body.

In one of her interviews she said that she feels like she has had missed a lot in her adult years by not exercising until she was 40. She also added that because of that she still feels guilty and she thought of gym as a burden and did not like to follow a routine rather than that she prefers a proper diet control plan to be in a good shape.

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However, she is amazingly controlling her diet and exercising a little to lose weight. Rachael said, that she likes vegetable and can eat it a lot, additionally do not let yourself dehydrated and drink 2 liters of water a day that equals 8-ounces glasses. By drinking this much water will help an individual to lose weight because it increases sufficiency and boost the metabolic rate, so that can help escalate the number of calories that you burn a day.

Workout Regimen:

She said this in her interview that she spends quality of her time on machines other than that she does whole-body workout. Includes, bicep, triceps, lunges, crunches. The whole time when I am in the gym is my break from being Rachael Ray, said Rachael.

Tips for losing Weight:

If you are still not satisfied then do not worry because Rachael has some extra tips for weight loss that she follows herself and recommend others to do so as well.   

  • Avoid potatoes and flour made food.
  • Do not skip meals.
  • Take 3 meals a day.
  • Eat high protein and carbohydrate food.
  • Eating fruits and vegetables is also very crucial.
  • Utilize extra virgin oil rather than saturated oil.
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Rachael’s routine other than dieting and exercising:

Other than exercising and following a well-balanced diet, all of this for good physical health, but what about her mental health that is significant as well. Rachael said, that for her to get through a day calmly and can manage things better so, she sleeps at 10:30 – 11 o’clock rather than waking up almost all-night doing work and going to sleep at 4 in the morning will not help you find a good pace. Your mind will not work properly.


However, Rachael is doing great trying to be in a good form and already lost 40 pounds. Her diets and workout regimen are really showing it’s result.

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