Nathan Fillion Weight Loss Journey

Nathan Fillion Weight Loss Before and After

Nathan Fillion is the popular American and Canadian actor, he is famous for his role in Firefly and castle series. Recently it seems that Nathan has lost considerable amount of weight and his fans were shocked when the trailer of The Rookie season 2 came out last month with Nathan’s total new look.

Nathan fans were going crazy about his new appearance, while some were supportive of this change but some were worried about his health. Here are some of the comments that his fans shared, “Dang buddy, looking pretty trim”, “Damn, there is much less Nathan this time WTH” and “Dude, you have obviously lost weight. I am jealous.”

One of the fans who was really concerned about the actor’s health said, “Watching but concerned. The weight loss. Hope you are well and healthy. If not, God Bless. If so give me back the Hunk.” Still many people are curious about how he lost so much weight.

How did Nathan Fillion Lost Weight?

Nathan Fillion lost weight so that he could prepare himself for his role as a Los Angeles Police Department rookie officer. He wanted to be in good shape so that he worked hard to maintain his weight.

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Nathan took help from his doctor and an instructor, from this assistance he was able to stick to a very strict schedule and followed it until the recent results, and now he promotes a healthy lifestyle for everyone.

Nathan Fillion Diet Regimen:

Nathan talked in an interview that he made some adjustments to his diet, first of all he cut down on sugar and bread as they are the things that make you gain weight very quickly.

His diet usually contained proteins and nutrients so that could get all the necessary items for his healthy diet. It is said that he prefers eating a lot of vegetables and fresh fruits in his healthy diet. He also likes to take sugar free tea and coffee.

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He also shared about the things that he avoided along with sugar and bread, he also avoided any type of junk food and also anything that may be the reason for his weight gaining. He also avoids pastas, dairy products and protein shakes as they also contain sugar in it.

Nathan Fillion Workout Regimen:

Nathan Fillion takes his workout very seriously and makes sure he does not miss even a day without working out. He likes to take a walk in his free time and also seem to be doing some specific workout that helped him lose weight.

Nathan mentioned in an interview that he has bought a step tracking watch and made it his goal to walk 12000 steps per day. He also lost weight with the help of yoga, he started cycling and also did some swimming and running which helped him get hungry and he ate healthy carbs.


Nathan depends entirely on natural weight loss process which is the reason he looks so fresh, he avoided any type of surgeries to lose weight. He is more confident and more happy after losing 30 or more pounds.

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