Missy Elliot Weight Loss Journey

Melissa Elliot Weight Loss Before After

Melissa Arnette Elliot is an American singer, rapper, songwriter and record producer as well. In 2018, Melissa showed off her weight loss transformation on her Instagram account. She has lost 30 pounds with dieting and work-out regimen. In 2008, she got to know that she has Graves’ Disease (hyperthyroidism) which caused her mood swings, hair loss, fast heart beat and lumps in her throat. Although she recovered from that and said that she is feeling great and managing her condition with diet and exercises.

Missy’s Weight Loss Transformation:

Melissa said this herself that it was pretty hard to follow strict diets and doing work-out. she is 48-year-old women who believed that it is never too late as long as you are breathing. With this mentality she lost 30 pounds and achieve all what she wanted in her life.

Melissa Elliot Diet Regimen:

Missy is very proud of herself for following a diet regimen and actually losing this much weight. She wrote, Proudly to say it has been four months, I have only drunk water no other juices or soda and also I have cut out bread she further said, Lord knows that has been the hardest for me.

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Following a diet plan is definitely not a piece of cake, one must really have courage to do this. She also said that she has never been a water drinker and that drinking plenty of water has helped her skin glow.

This is a fact that drinking plenty of water improve your skin, flushes toxins, lessen wrinkles, exclude pimples and acne. If you have ever noticed that if you ask celebrities that what do they do to lose weight and improve their skin the first answer they will provide you with will be I try to drink plenty of water as much as possible. The secret of glowing skin is not much of a secret anymore.

Although missy has one weakness which is junk food. Yes! That is not only her weakness for sure everybody is facing that problem. if I can only cut out junk food!, said Missy. But according to her if she is capable of giving up other things she can also fight for this as well.

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However, after all of her hard work and giving up unhealthy food she is now clearly showing off her slimmer body and why would not she? She deserves it as she has worked hard to earn it.

Melissa Elliot work-out Regimen:

About Melissa’s work-out regimen she only said that she follows Shaun T INSANITY work-out videos and eat healthy to be fit and slim. Everyone must choose a healthy life style for themselves. Their first and most priority should be to stay fit and healthy.


To sum up everything, Missy really has inspired many from her weight loss transformation and not only from her transformation but also from her other achievements as well. Losing weight might be difficult but not even trying to do anything about it is much worse.

To climb steep hills requires slow pace at first

-William Shakespeare.

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