Mike Pompeo Weight Loss Journey

Mike Pompeo Before After Weight loss

Michael Richard Pompeo is an American businessman, politician and attorney. Not many know but he was a former secretary of Donald Trump and he used be obese although currently people noticed him in his recent appearance in Hannity on Fox News and from there on people are more focused on his weight loss transformation rather than what he actually was there to say.

The day after his appearance people went totally crazy about his transformation and have a lot to say regarding this. Some are sending their prayers and best wishes assuming that he lost his weight due to any illness or stress that he might be having due to work.

Whilst some are saying that he wants to attract people towards him or he wants to look good as he is planning to be the next president.

No matter what reason is behind his weight loss but the most important point is people are curious about his weight loss journey, how he lost this much weight? is it natural? If it is natural then what routine did he follow or did he take any weight loss pills? What kind of pills and did he take doctors prescription before using or had he gone through any surgery? Then which doctor does he recommend? people have way lot questions to ask him.

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It really is a mystery as Mike Pompeo has not confirmed or gave any comments about this yet but as it is a very well-known fact that beauty attracts and it also applies in politics. Some people believe to prioritize physical appearance as well, and politicians try to look better to attract voters and attention. People of-course find beauty attractive and seeing how boring yet significant politics is it has become important to get attention either this way or the other way.

For instance, some people might not agree but they also feel that Obama’s looks helped him a lot in his period of time. And Biden works out and definitely has done surgery on his face as well as do a little makeup. Some people also find Trump attractive although he also wears some makeup.

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However, people are not a fan of Mike Pompeo because of the things he did for Trump besides that people really are curious about his transformation which is still unknown. Everyone is waiting for his comments about his weight loss journey, his diet plans and workout routine.

It is good for him that he lost this much weight and hopefully continues to lose more weight. Everyone should take motivation from him and stay healthy and fit as it is good to take care of yourself and your body.

Losing weight is extremely tough, it is very easy for people to ask someone who lost his / her weight to share their routines but it is only them who really knows how difficult and tough it is to lose weight and to cut down literally everything that a person is craving.

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