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Mark Richard Hamill is an American actor, writer and voice actor. Everyone must be familiar with Star Warsfilm series well, Mark played a role in it as Luke Skywalker. It is reported that to get the role in Star Wars he lost 50 pounds. He really went on a strict diet in order to prepare for this film series, he was inspired by his co-star Carrie Fisher as she was losing weight for Star Wars: Force Awaken.

How did Mike Hamill Lose Weight?

About Mike’s Diet:

In one of his interviews he said while displaying the plate of fruits and vegetables, Look at what I am eating now instead of potato chips and bagels”. He further said that he is following If it tastes good, do not eat itdiet. Seeing him dieting make all of us feel sorry for him. Marks additionally said that prior when he began dieting he looked terrible.

The harsh reality and the thing that is so messed up is that the work he does only demand a person with good physical appearance and this is not only in his case but all the actors / actresses face this cruel reality.

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However, Mark is looking amazing with his weight loss transformation. All the diet he has done and all the food that he must have avoided were worth it. After looking at his transformation public and his fans mostly have a lot of compliments for him, he looks a lot younger compared to his age. But the fun fact is that Mark does not like to hear those compliments as it reminds him of his old self when according to him he did not looked good.

Star Wars team not only asked Mark Hamill to slim down a bit but they also asked other cast members as well. They asked Carrie Fisher who was playing the role of Princess Leia. Although she did not like it but she did lose weight.

They do not want to hire all of me, only about three quarters. Nothing changes, it is an appearance driven thing. They might as well say get younger, because that is how easy it is”, said fisher. She never hesitated to speak her mind but for some reason she had to fulfil the demand and lost around 10 pounds to get the role.

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Alright back to Mark, he did not pass any further comments about his weight lose transformation nor did he ever mention about his work-out regimen. He clearly left everyone curious about his transformation and everything.


To sum up everything, we have to live in this cruel world and their cruel demands they have for others and we have no choice but fulfil those. Although it seems wrong but if we look at this from anther point of view it worked out well for Mark in the end. He seems healthy and fit as well as young. It also gives a message to everyone that it is fine to struggle but one should never give up on one self or their dreams.

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