Lizzie Sobinoff Weight Loss Journey

Elizabeth Sobinoff Weight Loss Before After

Elizabeth Sobinoff is a self-assured and confident Australian reality star and also a jewelry store manager, she got famous when she made appearance on Married at First Sight in 2019. Recently everyone has been talking about lizzie’s weight loss.

How did Elizabeth Sobinoff Lose Weight?

Elizabeth Sobinoff Diet Regimen:

Elizabeth revealed about her diet after her fans got over their shock about her transformation and got curious to how to did it and what is her secret.

Lizzie revealed that she did popular 5:2 diet which actually improves metabolism and is great for weight loss. This diet involves a person to eat twenty five percent of the recommended calorie intake on two scheduled fasting days and eating normally for the other five days of the rest of the week.

Despite her weight loss lizzie said she does not want to glorify on being thin and her exact works were, “It’s still very much me. I know people are going to say, “Well, you look completely different to how we saw you last year.” But don’t always focus on the outer shell. This has always been me. We grow as people. I don’t glorify weight loss and be like I am better now.”

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Elizabeth also commented on her healthy lifestyle, it stated that she eats high fiber food, she loves to eat lots and lost of vegetables and fruits. She also revealed her love for eggs and tuna which is also good for her health.

Lizzie also mentioned on having lots of green tea and that she tries to drink a huge amount of water every day. She commented that, “I do not drink alcohol or do any drugs, I even try to avoid taking Panadol. On a night out or when I am around alcohol I will have a red bull or a mocktail,” She did all these things for losing weight.

Lizzie’s Health Condition:

Elizabeth revealed in an interview that she suffered from two chronic health diseases, one of which is porphyria which is a blood disorder and the second one is autoimmune disease which is a mild form of lupus. Both these diseases cause people to lose weight.

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Lizzie’s fans showed some concern about her health last year and thought she was sick that is why she is losing so much weight so she replied them with, “I know there is a lot of comments thrown about saying sometimes I look sick. Well, yes, I struggle on a daily basis. I do the best I can.”

Elizabeth Sobinoff Workout Regimen:

Lizzie said that she loves to workout everyday and whenever she has free time she tries to use that time in working out. However, she did not reveal what kind of exercises she does as she thinks that its none of anyone’s business about what she does.


Lizzie was against body shaming and any type of comment about body fat and we can have a guess on this comment that she made,

“I will end it at this. You are more than you weight. Do what is right for you and stop judging others based on the perceptions that you have.”

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