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Getting out of ketosis: A bane

It takes a lot of effort, hard work, persistence, and tolerance to get into ketosis in the first place. Therefore, getting kicked out of ketosis comes with a huge disappointment. All the efforts and energy that has been put into it lays wasted without getting any result. It makes it mandatory to learn about things that may kick you out of ketosis so that you may avoid those things and succeed in getting desired results from a keto diet. [4]


Reasons for being kicked out of ketosis:

It is never possible that you are kicked out of ketosis for no reason. There is always some underlying cause that knocks you out of ketosis. Let us dive deep and bring into light such reasons that affect ketosis.


Excessive intake of sugar can kick you out of ketosis:

It is no secret that sugar is a poison for a keto diet and it kicks you out of a keto diet overnight. When you exceed the limit you are kicked out of ketosis. Keep a strict check on your sugar consumption.


Taking more carbs than recommended daily intake:

Carbs [3], yet again, are strictly prohibited on a keto diet. You need to consume only 20 to 30 grams of carbs per day. When you eat more than this you have automatically driven away from ketosis for all the right reasons.

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It might be the case that you are consuming hidden carbs:

There are several foods that have hidden carb and when you eat those foods, carbs present in them sneak in your body and affect your ketosis meanwhile you have no idea what went wrong. You need to be aware of such foods so that in no way possible these hidden carbs intervene in your keto diet. These foods include :

  • Cashew nuts
  • Dipping sauces like tomato sauce, barbeque sauce, garlic sauce, etc
  • Milk
  • Processed food
  • Kinds of seafood especially the ones with meat


Processed meats can also kick a person out of ketosis :

Processed meats like bacon, sausages, lunch meats, etc are highly responsible for kicking you out of ketosis. They are somehow packed with carbs and contain different preservatives that are not allowed on a keto diet. Their consumption therefore negatively impacts a keto diet.


Cheat meals may ruin your ketosis:

People who do not have control over their hunger cravings take the support of cheat meals. Frequent cheat meals are one of the major reasons for being kicked out of ketosis. Cheat meals do not affect if they are taken once in a blue moon. However, when taken off and on they surely leave an impact. You will be kicked out of ketosis in the evening or in the morning depending upon the timing of your cheat meal.


Women can get out of ketosis on their periods :

It is common knowledge that the menstrual cycle is categorized with mood swings, hormonal changes, food cravings, and many other things. Being kicked out of ketosis on periods is therefore pretty normal and common. 


Signs and symptoms of being kicked out of ketosis:

For sake of your convenience, we have given a few indicators that will tell you that you are not into a state of ketosis anymore. These signs and symptoms will give you confirmation and tell you what happens when you are kicked out of ketosis.


A prominent increase in hunger is felt:

Food cravings are increased when you run out of ketosis. It happens because your body again starts depending on carbs for the energy instead of ketones. Therefore body craves for carbs and more calories. Thus food cravings and an increase in hunger are the signs that you have been kicked out of ketosis.

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Brain fog is another sign depicting that you are out of ketosis:

The keto diet is linked with making your memory sharp and for supporting your brain functions in a better way. However, when you are out of ketosis all these things are reversed [5]. The reason is that high sugar consumption [1] has been found to make your brain dull. It is also linked with poor cognitive processes of the brain.


Water retention is another sign of being kicked out of ketosis :

What happens is that when you start taking carbs, your muscles start storing glycogen. 1 gram of glycogen stores 3 grams of water. So with the storage of glycogen, water retention happens. You start gaining weight instead of losing it. Water retention indicates that you are of ketosis.


People who run out of ketosis possess very low energy and feel fatigued :

The keto diet, along with its keto friendly food and exercises boosts your energy level and you feel fresh and active. However, when you run out of ketosis, energy levels drop to zero and you feel lethargic. This is also an indicator that you are no more in a state of ketosis.


What are the things that can help you to get back into ketosis:

If you have been kicked out of ketosis and you have figured it out then do not panic. There is no need to be angry about it. Here are a few things that will help you to get back into ketosis. However, the bottom line is that you need to follow these religiously.


Minimize carb consumption:

The recommended daily intake of carbs on a keto diet is 20 to 30 grams per day. Make sure that you do not exceed this limit. Keep track of your calorie intake to get back into ketosis. Eating more than 30 grams will take you out of ketosis.


You need to increase your physical activity:

Physical activity helps to get back into ketosis. You do not have to become a weight lifting champion or run a marathon. Just increase the timing of your workout a bit. Your body will use carb reserves and will supply it to your muscles and will shift your body to ketosis.


Avoid frequent cheat meals in order to get back into ketosis:

It is imperative that you follow a keto diet seriously and do not divert from the path. Frequent cheat meals should be abolished. In addition to this you also need to regulate your eating patterns. Abrupt eating should be avoided as it adds to the hunger pangs and also can add to the excessive calorie intake resulting in being kicked out of ketosis.


Increase the consumption of healthy fats:

Along with cutting down carbs, sugars, and other foods that affect ketosis, you also need to increase the consumption of healthy fats [2]. The more the fats the more is the probability of going back into ketosis.

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