Does Keto Diet Work For Everyone?

Keto Diet

Going for a keto diet straightforwardly means going for a low carb diet that is rich in fats. It is a simple formula with no complications that may confuse anyone. Not only that it is simple to follow but it also makes you lose weight in a really simple and healthy manner. However, there are few instances where people complained that a keto diet did not work for them and they did not lose an iota of weight. This does not mean that there is something wrong with the keto diet.[1] On the contrary, the only possible explanation is that the people might be doing keto in the wrong way.


Reasons why does keto not work for everyone:

People are often detected wondering why does keto work for some and not others. The answer is that keto should work for everyone and if it is not happening so then there are definitely some reasons. Let us dive deep into this query and see what possible reasons hinder the efficiency of keto and why keto does not work for everyone.


1. Not getting into a state of ketosis:

The first step in a keto diet is to achieve andKetosis maintain being in the state of ketosis. If a person fails to achieve ketosis, a keto diet is bound to fail. One major thing that does not let you be in a state of ketosis is the number of carbohydrates. Ketosis requires you to minimize carb intake and reduce it to only 20 to 30 grams per day. The recommended daily intake of carbohydrates is only 5 to 10% of the net calories. The underlying purpose is to cut carbohydrates so that when there is no glucose to get energy from, the body may shift to burning fats. If a person does not stop consuming carbohydrates, he will fail to achieve ketosis and ultimately will fail in getting desired results from a keto diet.


2. Consuming a lot of protein:

People misunderstand when it is said thatProtein Powder a keto diet allows you to eat proteins. Yes, it does but only to an extent. Thinking that a keto diet only restricts you from carbohydrates is wrong. It also has a limit for proteins. You can eat proteins but they must not exceed more than 30% of your net calorie intake. The only thing you are allowed to eat a lot is fats. Therefore, consuming a lot of proteins may hinder a keto diet and stops it from giving due results.

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3. Eating way too many carbohydrates :

The keto diet is all about cutting down carbohydrates.Carb Foods However as discussed above, 20 to 30 grams of carbohydrates per day are allowed to consume. If you eat more than 30 grams of carbohydrates and keep doing that on a daily basis, you do not only disturb your state of ketosis but also affect the working of a keto diet.


4. Not keeping any track of your calories :

It is one of the important reasons why keto diet Track Caloriesdoes not work as it is supposed to work. A person who eats abnormally is least like to achieve ketosis and lose weight but most likely to disrupt a keto diet and gain weight. People eat without keeping a track of their calories and then ask why does not everyone lose weight of keto. It is because of this simple fact that a keto diet is a balanced and calculated diet and you have to eat in a defined proportion. If you do not follow this simple rule you shall end up gaining weight rather losing it.


5. No activity and no exercise at all :

If you are serious about the keto diet andLunges about losing weight, you definitely ought to put in some effort. Cutting down on carbohydrates will help you but if you want extraordinary results then you will have to put in some extra effort. By extra effort, we mean to say exercise. A little walk, running, push ups and other light weight exercises do not do any harm. What people do is that they solely rely on a keto diet and ignore all sorts of physical activities. This is why the keto diet does not work for them.


6. Drinking alcohol in a frequent manner :

It is common knowledge that alcohol isAlcohol in Glass prohibited on a keto diet. What people do is that they choose to follow some rules and ignore others as per their likes and dislikes. Alcohol is rich in carbohydrates and contains nutrients that are not really keto-friendly. People keep drinking alcohol and at the same time expect keto to work to its fullest. That is not how it works. You need to let go of alcohol for a time being and let a keto diet do its wonder.


7. Having snacks off and on:

One of the leading causes that hinder the Potato Chipstrue functioning of a keto diet is abrupt eating. In order to get normal results, you need to act and eat in a normal way. Consuming snacks off and off not only increases hunger pangs but also adds to the recommended calorie intake. The result is obvious, you are either kicked out of ketosis or it is badly affected that ultimately leads to the failure of a keto diet.


8. Taking a lot of stress:

This is something that is scientifically proven Person in Stressthat a routine loaded with stress could mess up your weight loss game. [2] Lots of studies have been conducted that showed how stress can alter your hormones levels which in turn could trigger the hormones involved directly with weight. In addition to this, stress also makes some people eat a lot of food without keeping a proper check. This, again, leads to abnormal eating that could manipulate the entire process of ketosis and keto diet. So in order to gain maximum benefit from the keto diet, work on your lifestyle as well. Get rid of stress and lose weight happily.

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9. Some other medical conditions:

This is something that is completely out of the handMedical Condition of a person who is doing everything right but is unable to get desired results. Some underlying medical conditions can sabotage an entire keto diet. For example, people who are diabetic or have heart problems may have to take a special type of diet or food that is not really keto friendly and as a result of it, they are unable to get the result they have been craving for.


Some hacks to crack a keto diet:

Here are some tricks that can help you avoid all sorts of possible mistakes and helps you follow the diet in the smoothest way

  • Keep a notepad and keep noting whatever you eat so it becomes easy to track calories
  • Take a good sleep daily because it helps in reducing stress levels
  • Drink plenty of water so you may not eat again and again in the form of abrupt meals or constant snacking


Who should not do keto?

There is another side of the story. Some certain people should avoid the keto diet because it may either not work for you or may affect you in a not-so-good way.


Diabetic patients:

Diabetes is something marked with altered blood sugar levels, unavailability of natural insulin, high blood pressure along with obesity. People that are diabetic have to take insulin externally so that sugar levels may not drop. However, the keto diet restricts you from carbohydrates and sugars. [4] Some studies show that a keto diet could actually help in controlling and reversing type 2 diabetes but that may vary from person to person. Therefore, the best option is to avoid a keto diet and if that is hard to do so then consult your doctor first.


Performing athletes:

Athletes are often heard saying that they need some strategic carbs for better performance in a competition. As keto restricts carbs, therefore, you might not want to do any experiment with keto diet if you have to perform in a few weeks. It allows you to take only a negligible amount of carbs that may not be enough for you. Keto diet does not have any harmful effects however it may affect your physical strength and may sabotage your performance.


Pregnant women:

Pregnancy is one of the very critical processes. [3] Any minor ignorance can cause complications and can pit at risk not only the life of a mother but also of an unborn baby. It is no secret that ketones can freely move across the placenta that in turn can negatively impact the development of a fetus. In addition to this, pregnant women really need to eat healthy food that has all nutrients even the carbohydrates so the baby gets all the healthy nutrients and his well being is not compromised, therefore adopting a keto diet might not be the right idea because it is always good to be safe than sorry.

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