Kenan Thompson Weight Loss Journey

Kenan Thompson Before After Weight loss

Kenan Thompson is an American comedian, actor and also has been the cast member of NBC sketch comedy series “Saturday Night Live.” He has been on the show the longest in show’s history since 2003. Currently he stars on NBC sitcom Kenan that premiered in 2021 and has also starred in several movies.

He was always known as the big funny guy which is why his weight loss journey took immense interest of his followers and fans. Loosing weight was the last thing on Kenan Thompson’s mind but he still managed to lose it. His weight loss brought up a lot of questions as to how he lost weight, did he follow some diet plan? Or did he have regular exercise? Or he lost his weight by going through some surgery?

How did Kenan Thompson lose weight?

Kenan Thompson spoke about his weight loss in an interview on “The Wendy Willian Show” and said that he does not really have any weight loss plans, took any pills or went through any surgery. He didn’t lose his weight in a short amount of time but he lost it gradually over the years, his main goal was to be physically healthy.

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He said on “The Wendy William Show” that “I don’t really know, it’s not like I’m planning on it necessarily. I just made some changes that have caused it. I cut out any sugars and stuff like that” when asked about how much weight he lost.

Kenan Thompson’s Diet:

Diet is the most important part about loosing weight. Therefore, Kenan Thompson followed a diet where he had high protein breakfast, ate unprocessed foods, drank water before having his meals and most importantly he gave up sugar. He is said to be a soda kid as while growing up he drank a lot of soda which completely gave up on, he said himself that “Cutting out sugar was a big one too.” He also avoided anything that included sugar such as cakes, bread, pastries or juices.

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Workout is also very important, according to some sources 25% is workout while 75% is diet but only dieting is not to affect the body as much, that’s why workout is also important. It is mentioned in one of Kenan’s interviews that he did regular exercises such as lunges, sit-ups, squats, burpees and plank holds. He followed these exercises regularly to lose weight.

Kenan Thompson also did some yoga which he likes a lot and it keeps him calm and collected. He always suggests people to do yoga for mental satisfaction.


Kenan Thompson said that starting something is always the easiest part but continue doing it on regular basis is the hardest time, and that consistency is what helps us to achieve our goals and makes us successful it our goals.

Kenan Thompson mentioned in an interview that when he was in the process of reducing his weight he never thought of giving up and stayed always consistent and this is what helps him to lose his weight.

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