Kelly Doty Weight Loss Journey

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Kelly Dotty is an American tattoo artist but also a fictional writer. Kelly Dotty has been known as “The Ink Master” because of her unique style of tattoos, her tattoos carry her signature look. Moreover, the backstory of her tattoos is what makes her a standout.

Kelly Dotty tattoos has a unique blend of vibrant, dark, spooky and rustic look to it. She says about her style in one word and that is “bobbleheads.” Kelly’s style was showcased in the Ink Master Season 8 aired in 2016 and was in the top 3 fellow female contestants. Unfortunately, she did not win and lost the first ever female winner of the Ink Master title.

How did Kelly Dotty lose weight?

Kelly Dotty went through some major weight loss which was visible to everyone when she appeared on the Ink Master Angels as a judge. Her weight loss shocked and intrigued a lot of her fans as everyone who knew her for a long time knew that she seemed healthy and her weight was a concern.

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When everyone saw Kelly Dotty wit major changes in her looks, they were curious more so to know about how she lost this much weight and what she did to achieve this. However, Kelly never really spoke about her weight loss journey in public.

Kelly’s Diet Plan:

Although as I have mentioned that Kelly never really spoke anything about her weight loss in public, but she did mention some bits in her interviews and on her Instagram.

Kelly Dotty followed her diet plan in very simpler ways. Her days started with some green tea and just a single packet of light snacks for the sake of keeping her morning healthy. However, for lunch she preferred less oily food so she stuck by eating just some salad with nothing in between her breakfast and lunch.

When it came to dinner, Kelly sometimes took the same as her lunch which is salad or something that contains low or no oil is more preferred. Her diet plan is more like fasting the whole day if we look at what she ate the whole day. This is all that we recovered from her interviews and her Instagram ID.

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Working Out:

To lose weight, the most affective thing is working out, be it some type of sports or going to the gym to lift weight and exercise. Every thing that keep the body active the whole day is healthy for the person to do which is why doing any type of sports and going to gym is necessary.

While as we already know that Kelly never talked about her weight loss journey in public so we know very little about her workout plan and that consists of lifting some weights and walking regularly to keep her body fit and healthy.


Losing weight seems like a very hard job to do and everyone avoids doing it, but once the body and you gets used to it becomes very easy to handle and does not seem like a very big deal. Kelly lost more than 10 pounds and it does not seem like she is going to stop anytime soon.

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