Keely Shaye Smith 100 pounds Weight Loss Transformation

Keely Shaye with Pierce Brosnan

Keely Shaye Smith is an American actress, journalist, television host and author. She is also known as Keely Shaye Brosnan as she is the second wife of famous actor Pierce Brosnan. In 2020, Keely has shocked everyone by her weight loss transformation. What is more astonishing is that she has lost over a 100 pounds.

How Keely Shaye Smith started gaining weight in the first place:

She was not an obese person from the start, she was pretty famous and gorgeous. She did not have eating disorder or anything like that. She started gaining weight after her first child which is very normal to gain weight after pregnancy although she remained like this and it did not trouble her that much and as we can see that she did not lose any weight before 2020.

What made her to lose weight:

It is reported that her husband Pierce Brosnan asked her wife to lose some weight and go on her previous weight. So, she is trying to impress her husband all over again. Even though she still has a long way to go, but we can already see how different and stunning she looks.

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The secret of her weight loss:

Although it is still not yet known how she lost this much weight but it is clear that she did not get any surgery. Looks like she is controlling her diet and working out even if not working out then the most effective way to lose weight is dieting anyway which seems like she is doing finely.

Even after gaining weight she looks as amazing as she looked before. Even so, Keely’s fans are still eagerly waiting for her to tell them about her weight loss transformation. Although it is very well known how to control and ways of diet yet still her fans want to listen from her.

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They want to know how she got this inspiration and was the whole process difficult for her and so on. They have numerous questions that they want to ask from their favorite person.

How one can control diet:

If only you cut down all carbs, control your sugar intake and do some exercise will help you lose weight gradually. You do not have to put pressure on yourself, losing weight gradually will be more effective than losing weight instantly. Other than that, if you are motivated enough to go on a diet which is appreciable, no matter what and how slow the procedure is, you ought to avoid sodas, alcohol or any junk food that you eat just because you are bored is not acceptable if you really want to take things seriously.


It sounds effortless but ask those who are trying to control their diet. It is very difficult and challenging nevertheless if one has finally got a hold of him / her self and got inspiration from any mean can do it. Of course, it is going to be very tough even so if all the celebrities can do it then you can as well!

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