Always Feeling Cold on Keto Diet?

Feeling Cold

Feeling cold or getting cold chills on a keto diet is not highly common but it is also not something that is unusual. Sometimes people are seen complaining that they are always cold on ketosis. It might be due to the low calories diet but major reasons behind feeling cold on a keto diet [1] may differ. Let us explore and talk about such cases.


Reasons for feeling cold on a keto diet :

There are several reasons that are responsible for feeling cold on a keto diet. Each of the underlying factors that govern the feeling of coldness on a keto diet shall be discussed in detail so it can be treated accordingly and precisely.


You are consuming too few calories:

A Keto diet is not a low calorie diet at all but it becomes one when you start making alterations in it according to your own mood and likes. You are encouraged to eat as many fats as you want to. However, when you yourself decide to cut calories at all it is then that you start feeling cold. What happens is that your body is left with little or near to no energy to maintain your body temperature. Its priorities shift and it goes on a survival mode rather than to provide due warmth to the body. Low calorie or no calorie diet in such cases leads to an increased feeling of being cold.


You are underweight:

Here is something very important. If you are already underweight, you need not take a keto diet or any other diet to lose weight because that would be extremely unhealthy for you and may even make you sick. Already think and underweight people should stop opting for a keto diet or any other diet right away.

However, if you were overweight before and have lost a lot of weight lately and have become underweight now then this is where you should stop desiring for losing weight any further. It is because of fat acts as an insulator. If you are already thin and have no fats in the body or you have lost a lot of weight and have lost too many fats lately then the body is bound to become sensitive to cold. You may feel cold off and on because your body is left with no insulation jacket to maintain its inner temperature.

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You might be nutritionally deficient:

This is often the problem with a keto diet that no matter it enables you to eat fats and proteins but on the other hand it depletes you from some important nutrients. For example, a lot of water is lost and so are essential electrolytes. In addition to this, carbohydrates are strictly regulated. In such conditions, the body gets low on different nutrients and continues to do so unless they are repleted. Being nutritionally deficient comes with lots of side effects, among which one may be the feeling of coldness or getting cold chills.


Women may feel cold on their periods while following a keto diet:

Women who go through their menstrual cycle [6] are bound to feel cold especially if they have added a keto diet into their life. What happens is that during periods, the body goes through different changes, that may be hormonal, physical, or psychological. The body becomes sensitive. However, the addition of a keto diet is like adding salt to injuries. Due to the keto diet’s nature of cutting carbs and making a person low on nutrients, the body is left with no choice but to feel extremely cold.


Other health issues might be adding up to this:

It is also possible that along with a keto diet, you might be having some other health issues that add up into the feeling of being excessively cold on a keto diet. Let us see which health conditions could make you feel cold and could further propel this state. Here is the list is given below :

  1. Flue
  2. Sore throat
  3. Nausea
  4. Diarrhea
  5. Fatigue
  6. Urinary tract infections (UTI)
  7. Fever
  8. Cough
  9. Kidney stones or infections related to kidney
  10. Hypothermia [5]
  11. Underactive thyroid
  12. Hypoglycemia [4]


What are the side effects of feeling cold on a keto diet?

Side effects are varying in nature. People feel highly uncomfortable. Cold chills make them lethargic and induce mood swings as well. They may also catch up with fever and headache if this feeling continues and does not subside. Too frequent feeling of being cold could cause serious trouble if not looked into properly.

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How to fix feeling cold on a keto diet?

If you are the one who feels excessively cold on a keto diet then do not worry. The feeling of being cold might be something really uncomfortable and a turnoff but it can easily be fixed and avoided given that you do what is needed to be done


Level up your exercise routine:

You might have heard that physical activity warms you up. This is actually true. Exercise is recommended in the keto diet anyway. So make sure you do exercise on regular basis. It does not have to be a heavy exercise consisting of weight lifting etc. You can simply do some running, push ups, stretches, etc as per your convenience. This shall warm you up and you will also be done with the feeling of getting cold on a keto diet.


Take a perfect diet:

It is highly important that you take a diet in which all the nutrients are present. In this way, the body shall not fall low on any nutrients and will continue to function normally without originating any feeling of being cold on ketosis. In addition to this, several nutritionists suggest that even on any type of low calorie diet, a person should take the bare minimum of 1200 calories to ensure that all the vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients are present in your diet, making it a complete diet.


Make sure your weight is as per your body mass index (BMI):

Body mass index ( BMI ) [2] is a calculation that uses your height, age, and current weight to tell if you are an underweight, overweight, or healthy weight. Check your weight through Body Mass Index ( BMI ) [3]and make sure that you fall in the category of healthy weight. If you are underweight then stop any diet that you are following and see your doctor so he may recommend you how to gain healthy weight in order to avoid the feeling of being cold.


Take proper medication and precautions :

If you are going through any health problem that is adding up to your feeling of being cold then you need to see a doctor as soon as possible so that the treatment could be done accordingly. Take proper medicine and avoid triggers that could leash this uncomfortable feeling on you. Also, try to avoid opting keto diet unless you have fully recovered from already existing health issues. Because the keto diet could aggravate the situation for you.

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