Emma Kenney Weight Loss Journey

Emma Kenney Weight Loss Journey

Emma Rose Kenny is a famous American actress. She started her career from a very young age, she signed her first contract at the age of 8 only. She was and still is very gorgeous and adorable. Although she never looked or appeared heavy but in the pictures that she posted on her Instagram in 2016 made her fans and everyone worried about her weight loss.

About Emma’s Weight Loss:

Emma’s pictures on her Instagram made disturbance among her fans and public assuming that she might be sick either physically or mentally. Although at some point in 2017, Emma encouraged people to restrain from eating meat. That indicates that the actress is voluntarily losing weight or trying to stay fit and healthy as it is not always about being skinny but it is also important to live a healthy life.

In the career she chose for herself clearly explain why actresses and actors lose weight and focus a lot on their physical appearance, they obviously want to look good on and off screen besides that it is a cruel reality that nobody wants to see a heavy individual playing a lead role.

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That is the reason why celebrities always try to follow strict diet plans, some even starve themselves by taking only 1-2 bites of food. Besides dieting they torture themselves in gym by excessive exercises and machines. Which also causes them constant stress and anxiety which is definitely not good for one’s health.

Did Emma struggle with stress and anxiety?

 Emma said this herself that she struggled with stress and anxiety and had no idea how to solve her problems regarding her stress. In 2018, she posted a picture of a beautiful view, supposedly, the view of mountains with a caption that said, Hello and goodbye (for a bit) I have decided to take a break from social media and Los Angeles for a minute”.

It seemed that Emma was tired of all the attention or might be problems which we don’t know of and wanted to take a break from that. She further wrote, This sound so cliché but this town / industry can really get to you. Going to re-find my peace and happiness”.  

If what Emma wrote is true that this town and industry can get to you that means she must have faced some sort of bulling or nepotism or it could be anything which is not clarified by her yet but all we know is that whatever happened must have affected her mental health.

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She once said that due to her stress issue which she wanted to cure desperately but was using a wrong method by going to clubs and parties with senior actors (friends). Although now she has realized what she was doing was only affecting her even more.

For all we know if her weight loss was her trying to get a good form or was it because of her stress and anxiety, but it seems that she has found her peace and happiness which she was looking for.


To sum up everything, we have learned from Emma’s story is that if you are not feeling okay with anyone or anything you must take a step for yourself because if you don’t, then it will not only affect you physically but also mentally which is much worse.

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