Emma Chamberlain Weight Loss Journey

Emma Chamberlain Weight Loss Before and After

Emma Frances Chamberlain is an American internet influencer / personality. Compared to 2017-2018 people noticed that she has been losing weight, some say a healthy weight and some say the opposite of it. People also said that they are convinced that she has some mental health problems although they do not want to assume that. They are worried because it is reported that she begins her day with a calorie burning drink and according to the people that is suspicious.

How did Emma Chamberlain Lost Weight?

It is known that the influencer Emma Chamberlain had eating disorder. Her appearance was not heavy. People believe that there is a probability that the reason for her eating disorder might be because of public pressures as people constantly have their eyes on her and how she physically looks.

However, she has confirmed it herself that she has eating disorder since she was a child due to growing up with social media.

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About Emma Chamberlain’s Diet:

Emma actually shared her all-day eating regimen. This is what she eats in breakfast. She begins her day with her chamberlain coffee with almond creamer beside these, on a toast 2 fried egg and on top of them she likes avocado, salt and pepper.

It is known that she is a vegetarian and have never ate meat, she tried it but it was not really fit for her. About her lunch she said that she never in her life cooked lunch either for herself or for others, she always prefers to order if from close by restaurants.

Now, for lunch she likes lentils kale salad, boiled eggs, carrots and vinaigrette (mixture of oil and lemon juice / vinegar). Or a cauliflower rice burrito.

And now comes the dinner which is her favorite meal of the whole day. She avoids ranch, mayonnaise, celery, mushrooms etc. seems she is a picky eater. Although she likes seed crackers, different kinds of nut butter etc. Mostly her meals are frozen vegetables, pasta, brown rice and tofu.

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About Emma Chamberlain’s Work-out:

Emma says that she tries to work out four to five days a week, she works-out for about an hour and a half (1.5) she further said, we do what we can”. She prefers her workouts in the evenings. Emma currently weights around 110 pounds [49 kg].

Emma’s work-out involves:

Cardio, planks, squats, squats jump, lunges, crunches, pile squats, and leg lift. It is also reported that she does soul cycle which is a fitness company although it is not confirmed yet. However, her work-out routine looks astonishing. She seems fit and healthy according to her work-out and diet regimen.


To add everything that has been stated so far, it is not known if Emma’s weight loss is due to her eating disorder or because she was voluntarily trying losing weight. Whatever the reason is she seems happy and successful which is the key point. A new day brings new opportunities to improve oneself so one should take it and make the most of it as one can.

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