Eddie Hall’s Weight Loss Journey

Eddie Hall Weight Loss Before After

Eddie hall’s birth name is Edward Stephan Hall. He won the world’s strongest man competition in 2017.  He currently weights around 380 pounds [172kg]. He has lost nearly 90 pounds [40kg]. after winning the competition Hall’s body has transformed completely.

The two of the world’s strongest men Hafþór ‘Thor’ Björnsson and Eddie Hall. In 2020, Thor accused Hall for taking his place when Hall beat Thor with a world record of 500kg with a 501kg lift. After this Thor challenged and mocked Hall for his height by saying that he is a little man which Hall took very calmly and accepted his challenge as well and said that he doesn’t have any grudges for Thor but this is what the fans want to see.

Eddie Hall’s transformation:

Eddie Hall talked about his weight loss transformation and he gives all the credit to his morning walks. The only secret behind his great physique is a mile and a half morning walks. I would say the biggest change for me is adding in daily walks, just getting up in the morning and walking a mile and a half,said Hall. Walking 1.6 km greatly worked out for him.

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He further said, Some mornings I run and some mornings I walk, but every single day I get up and do a mile and a half. He additionally said that he takes his dog out as well. This method of him makes him clear his mind and make him feel good.

This set me up for the day and it is a great way of getting exercise, I genuinely believe that is why the weight has fallen off me”, says Hall. Hall says that he gets up every morning and do whatever he feel like, whether he feels like running or taking a walk.

I don’t use any of those Fitbits or anything like that, I find them really stressful, I just go with the flow, I just do it all by feels”, says Hall.

Eddie Hall’s Diet Regimen:

Eddie Hall takes 7000 calories a day. That is astonishing. Although his diet is divided into 8 portions.

  1. At 7:30 he eats an apple before going for a walk.
  2. For breakfast he eats a steak, five scrambled eggs with a glass of orange juice.
  3. In mid-morning he takes his whey protein shake.
  4. In lunch he likes 2 large pieces of chicken and rice with mixed veggies, half glass of orange juice.
  5. For mid-afternoon he prefers chocolate granola / small light box of strawberries.
  6. Homemade chicken curry with rice and vegetables at 6pm.
  7. For evening snacks, he likes yogurt, nuts, honey.
  8. He eats his dinner at 8:30pm, two baked potatoes and huge portion of air fried chicken.
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This is what Eddie Halls eat throughout a day. If one’s situation is as similar to Hall’s then they ought to try his diet regimen.


To add everything that has been stated so far, make your mind at peace and do whatever one’s feel like doing because that is how they can make progress in whatever goals they are trying for.

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