David Goggin’s Weight Loss Secret Revealed

David Goggins Before After Weight loss

David Goggin is an American ultramarathon runner, public speaker, author, cyclist and triathlete. At the age of 19 to age of 22 he gained 125 pounds. That is indeed insane, but what is more insane is that he lost 106 pound in less than 3 months to join the Navy Seals. He said, I got sick of being haunted by being nobody.

He was 23 when he decided to bring a change in his life by joining Navy but he was not fit enough so the recruiters told him to lose weight and then he became one of the fittest athletes alive today. Numerous vloggers and influencers are taking it as a challenge for fun and trying to eat / act like David just for a day to know what it feels like. They are really putting a lot of efforts in trying to follow his workout, dieting as well as pressing in a swim, weightlifting sessions and a run to really experience everything.

David Goggins Diet and Workout:

David Goggin wakes up early and begins his day by eating only a banana which is enough for him to go through swimming session and does not eat anything for several hours. Then he has a classic meal which includes 9 ounces of skinless, boneless chicken breast (has 413 calories), ¾ of a cup of rice (has 153 calories) and a cup of steamed broccoli with it (has most protein than other vegetables and contain 31 calories per cup). This is count as his main meal as he contains most of the calories in it.

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Workout Routine:

Then comes his main workout session where he goes to the gym and a run. After exhausting himself he later has his last meal of the day which is protein shake!

He took almost 800 calories throughout the day with strict exercises. David stick to this routine of his for 3 whole months! This is unbelievable as a normal person probably would have given up after for like 2 or 3 days maximum. I know I would. But again he is David Goggin.

Is it safe to get 800 calories a day?

For low calorie diet you get 800 to 1,500 calories a day it is usually an option for short term weight loss. Although doctor’s recommendation prior going for low calorie diet would be much preferable.

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It is not really healthy and safe for every person to take only 800 calories in a day. The recommended calories for men and women are 2,500 and 2000 calories a day respectively.

Those who have weight problems are recommended to take low intake of calorie. Of course, pregnant or breastfeeding women, teenagers or above 50 years should avoid low calorie diet. So, the body get all the nutrients it needs.


However, David has motivated numerous amounts of people and led them to a healthy lifestyle. He became an example for the youth. His challenge to himself to lose weight has changed not only his life but others as well.

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  1. randybobandy

    crazy insane diet and exercise regime, def not for everyone and def not healthy longterm. Hes a different breed.

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