Dascha Polanco Weight Loss Journey

Dascha Polanco Weight Loss Before After

Dascha Yolaine Polanco Dominican American actress. Dascha said in plenty of her interviews that she was not satisfied with her body and how it looked. Her weight became a barrier for her career, which was because she gave birth when she was only 17. She prioritized people’s opinion and comments on her body. She did not know how to do self-love and care but with her weight loss transformation, she is not only taking care and loving herself but also teaching young girls and women to accept how they are and teaches them about self- love and acceptance.

How Dascha became an inspiration for everyone:

She is not the one who only talks but she also turns her words into action. Dascha through her Instagram account spreading positive messages to young youth and whoever needs inspiration, by posting her no-filter pictures and with no editing, she is presenting herself all natural which is very motivating for people.

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How did Dascha Polanco Lost Weight?

It was not easy for Dascha and to follow strict diet regimen, in an interview where she said that she does not understand how people only live on juices all their life as she used to take fresh juices all day. She says that one should believe in eating to their soul. Additionally, with right exercises one should be able to get in good form.

Dascha Polanco Diet Regimen:

Dascha Polanco’s diet regimen is not tough but very simple. Firstly, she wakes up early in the morning which helps her get through the day, keeps her mind productive. Sometimes she has total Dominican breakfast that includes; yams, yucca and boiled Caribbean root veggies. Other than that, sometimes she has egg white and protein shake. Her comfort food is having marshmallow in cornflakes and condensed milk on toast.  It sounds appetizing, it really seems a simple diet yet a delicious one.

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Dascha Polanco Work-out Regimen:

Dascha work-out regimen involves; Stairmaster that benefit in making bones healthier, stronger calves, glutes and so on. Besides this she does severe cardio, simple squats and squats jump as well. She works-out 6 days a week and does not make things hard for herself which is also keeping her mentally healthy. At times when she wanted to take a break then she would go to the gym 3-4 days a week which was enough to maintain her shape.

She is a mother of two, so, having a skinny body is not what she wants but a healthy body is what she needs. With her weight loss transformation, she has inspired many mothers who are not quite capable of maintaining their body shape after birth.


However, we can conclude that Dascha gave a message from her story that everyone must make self-love and acceptance their first priority. Not accepting who and how you are is only going to affect your mental health. Your own happiness lies in your hands do not waste it as happiness can only exist in acceptance. And as the quote of John Heywood goes, Nothing is impossible to a willing heart”.

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