Chrissie Swan Weight Loss Journey

Chrissie Swan Weight Loss Before After

Chrissy Swan is an Australian media personality, television and radio representor. Chrissy co hosts Chrissie, Sam and Browny on Nova 100. Chrissie also co hosted a morning show “The Circle”, “The Great Australian Spelling Bee” and also a television series “Can of Worms”.

Chrissie was seen delivering a homemade cake to a café and it seemed that she has lost a lot of weight by her slimmer figure. Chrissie’s fans have been going crazy on how she lost her weight and also how amazing she looks with her new appearance.

How did Chrissie Swan Lost Weight?

Chrissie has always wanted to start working on her weight loss but could not do anything about it for a long but she finally took the big step and started her journey. Chrissie has not mentioned a lot about her weight loss but she did mention a few things that we are going to discuss here.

Chrissie Swan’s Diet Regimen:

Chrissie posted a picture of her ever so radiant face on Instagram which also shows some food in the backpack that the fans were curious about so she revealed the items in her bag and said, “Contents of mystery backpack: Gozleme, tuna hand rolls, sashimi, smoked salmon, apples, dill, ice berg lettuce and truss tomatoes.”

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These items show that she is not only eating healthy but also, she has been eating deliciously healthy food which you can never get bored of. This makes the weight loss much more fun, easier to follow and bearable.

Alcohol free:

Chrissie has also stated that she has given up on alcohol totally. Chrissy mentioned, “I have never done anything about it, until now. Learning how to meditate kicked it off for me and I realized after the first 10 min block that it was the first time in ages I had stopped and slowed down with my own well-being top of mind.”

Chrissy shared a picture on her Instagram that had a comment that stated, “Booze-free activity degree of difficulty: 10 = karaoke. UNLOCKED! I can’t quite believe it but it IS POSSIBLE. Fresh as a daisy this morning and I still have my voice!”

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She also mentioned that giving up on alcohol has improved her sleep, she said and I quote, “I stopped drinking booze of any kind (Alcohol is diabolical for sleep and anxiety too)”

Chrissie Swan’s Workout Regimen:

It is said that additional to giving up on alcohol she now has a passion for walking every single day. Chrissie said, “I do not put any pressure on myself but I walk *somewhere* most days- sometimes for 20 minutes, sometimes for an hour. Sometimes 3 little walks. Sometimes none!”

Chrissy also received a motivating comment from Stephanie that said, “I really like that the two biggest changes Chrissie made was giving up alcohol and taking that first step into a regular exercise routine, she must feel like a completely new person and, like it or not, cutting out drinking is the number one rule for losing weight.”


Chrissie Swan lost an amazingly 90 kg and has left a motivation for everyone who has been trying to lose weight and couldn’t do it, she left a message to everyone that you can do it if you really want.

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