Chadwick Boseman Weight loss Journey

Chadwick Boseman Before After Weight loss

Chadwick Boseman was an American actor and playwright. He studied directing at Howard University and soon began working as a writer, director and also actor. He played in many movies and became very popular soon, he also got fame internationally. He got very famous because of his role in Marvel’s “Black panther.”

Chadwick uploaded a video that surprised everyone and everyone talked about how he lost so much weight, he got criticized for losing his Black Panther physique but no one at the time knew how Chadwick lost so much weight as he kept it a secret from the public.

How Chadwick Boseman lost so much weight?

This question kept playing in everyone’s mind, although everyone knows that its common for actors to gain or lose weight for their certain roles in some movies so everyone was wondering if it was because of his new role in some mysterious movie.

A fan asked to Chadwick, “Are you getting skinnier for a movie?” but some also showed their concern by commenting on his post, “Dude, I am all in for this, but please reassure you fan base about your health because I am starting to be kind of worried” another said, “I hope you are okay, your appearance has changed.”

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Even though some people were concerned for his health, some people still made fun of Chadwick and posted some ready disturbing and hurtful jokes, some even started making memes and uploading them to get a good laugh out of it. The continued mocking him and some even implied that he was using some drugs.

Weight loss due to Colon Cancer:

However, what people did not know was that Chadwick Boseman was diagnosed with colon cancer four year ago. Yet, he never spoke about him being sick to the public and continued being starred in different movies while battling for his live and going through chemotherapy.

Chadwick Boseman died 28 August, 2020 after battling with colon cancer for four years. After his death everyone realized why he lost so much weight and some regretted ever mocking our hero on his appearance.

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Kelly Coffey who is a certified personal trainer and health coach stated that body shaming that was directed towards Chadwick Boseman who is a role model to many sums up to how we talk about people’s bodies online.

Coffey stated, “The fact that Boseman had been criticized for his weight loss speaks to how superficially most people view others when their sole basis for judgement is the images they see online, it’s up to us to remember that what we see doesn’t represent anything close to the whole story. It’s on us to practice being respectful of and companionate toward all people and all bodies, always.”

Imagine what Chadwick Boseman would have felt while learning about those comments on his death bed. The fact is that people always judge others based on their appearance and this battle has been going on for centuries but still people do not think before they say those hurtful things to anyone’s face.

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