Is Buttermilk Ketogenic?

Butter MIlk

Buttermilk strikes our thoughts as something that makes a perfect diet and there is no doubt in that. Nonetheless, when it comes to keto, buttermilk becomes something really tricky. Let us examine more about it and see where does buttermilk stands in regard to keto[1].


What is buttermilk made up of?

Buttermilk is a milk that is left once the butter has been collected from the milk of the cow. Leftover is then fermented by inducing bacteria culture in it and buttermilk is manufactured. The leftover milk is rich in sugars and carbohydrates and this is where the buttermilk gets loaded with carbs and sugars.


What is the nutritional value of buttermilk?

Buttermilk has quite some healthy ingredients in it. However, talking with regards to a keto diet, those ingredients may not be healthy for a ketogenic diet. Let us take a look at the nutritional value of buttermilk by keeping a cup (250 ml) of buttermilk as a parameter.

  • One cup of buttermilk contains 99 calories
  • It contains 22 grams of fats that accounts for 3 % of it. Fats are really good on a keto diet.
  • Talking about cholesterol, one cup of buttermilk contains 9.8 mg of cholesterol that makes almost 3 % of the cup
  • Proteins, that are recommended on a keto diet are also present in buttermilk. One cup of buttermilk is loaded with 8 grams of proteins making 16 %
  • Dietary fiber, which is mandatory for a keto is totally absent in buttermilk. It does not contain an iota of dietary fiber
  • Buttermilk is rich in carbs. One cup contains 12 grams of carbs. Carbs are not allowed on a keto diet
  • Talking about sugars, one cup is filled with 12 grams of sugar. Sugar again is prohibited on a keto diet.
  • Buttermilk also contains some essential electrolytes. Electrolytes are badly needed for a smooth keto diet. One cup of buttermilk is loaded with 257 mg of sodium and 370 mg of potassium.
  • Besides this, it also contains several vitamins (vitamin A, vitamin D, Vitamin C, Vitamin B-6.
  • Calcium, iron, magnesium, and cobalamin are also present in buttermilk.
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What are the benefits of buttermilk on a keto diet?

There is no doubt that buttermilk is healthy in general. However talking in the perspective of a keto diet, it might become a bit tricky to track down the advantages of buttermilk. Below are enlisted the benefits of buttermilk.

  • Buttermilk restores energy that you do need on a keto diet
  • Buttermilk is a good source of building body muscle mass and repairing muscles
  • It regulates blood pressure and keeps it in track
  • It prevents chronic diseases
  • It provides some essential electrolytes that are very much needed on a keto diet


What are the side effects of buttermilk on a keto diet:

Buttermilk is a healthy diet but when it comes to keto, it is filled with certain things that are prohibited on a keto diet. The inculcation of those ingredients in buttermilk is not something ketogenic and that is what adds to the side effects of buttermilk. Let us see how far these side effects go.


Buttermilk is derived from cow milk which is prohibited on a keto diet:

People do ask why some dairy products are allowed on a keto diet and are even recommended to consume but buttermilk is not. For example, whipped cream, butter, and cheese are allowed on a keto diet. The reason is that these dairy products are allowed is that they do not have any milk fat in them. Moreover, neither sugar nor carbs are present in them. On the other hand, buttermilk is derived from cow milk [2] which is rich in carbs and sugars. It has the ability to kick you out of ketosis.


Buttermilk has lots of sugar in it:

It is no secret that buttermilk has super loads of sugars in it. If we talk about a mere single cup of buttermilk, it alone carries 12 grams of sugars. Sugars, as we know, beyond a fixed ratio are a poison for a keto diet. And trust us, you don’t want to spike up your sugar levels by consuming buttermilk. Even if you think of refined sugar, it too gets converted to carbs and causes issues for a keto diet. A person sincerely following the keto diet can only consume sugar up to 50 grams per day.

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Buttermilk is quite rich in carb content:

The recommended daily intake of carbs on a keto diet is around 20 to 30 grams per day. Consuming more than the recommended intake can not only kick you out of ketosis but can also make it a complete failure. This is why having buttermilk on a keto diet becomes risky. Buttermilk is extremely rich in carbs. In just one cup of buttermilk, there are around 12 grams of carbs besides other nutrients equally harmful for a keto diet


Buttermilk can induce inflammation:

It is because of the way it is manufactured that it causes inflammation. Buttermilk is made through a process of fermentation in which bacteria culture is induced to a low fat milk. It is then heated and buttermilk is produced. That is why it does not contain any anti inflammatory properties. Dairy products have an immense protein that can flare up arthritis and joint pains. Buttermilk also possesses the capability of causing inflammation because of certain chemicals and hormones that are present in it.


Buttermilk has no dietary fiber at all:

Buttermilk has zero grams of fiber in it which is no less than a piece of bad news for the people who are seriously following a keto diet. Dietary fiber [3] is an essential thing on a keto diet because it helps in regulating your bowel moments and also keeps you fit when it comes to digestive issues. People following the keto diet always look for ways to add more and more dietary fiber in their meals. As buttermilk does not gives you dietary fiber therefore it probably should be kept as a secondary option.


Is buttermilk keto friendly?

No! Buttermilk is neither okay nor good on a keto diet. It is rather harmful for many reasons. Not only that it contains an immensely high quantity of sugar but it is also loaded with carbs. Sugar and carbs are strictly prohibited on a keto diet. Buttermilk also has no dietary fiber. All these reasons prove that buttermilk is not ketogenic. It would be unfair to say that buttermilk is not a healthy thing to consume. It indeed is healthy for any normal person but it may not be healthy for a keto diet. Therefore because of the ingredients that are fatal for a keto diet, buttermilk is neither allowed nor approved on a keto diet.


Substitute for buttermilk:

Buttermilk ranch dressing is a homemade substitute for buttermilk. It is an American salad dressing that is made by using different ingredients. It is not only easy to make but is also sumptuous and could be used in a variety of ways. Check out its recipe on the internet and give it a try.

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