Aida Turturro Weight Loss Journey

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Aida Turturro is am American actress who is famous for her role in HBO crime drama The Sopranos as Janice Soprano. She is currently plating a role in NBC crime thriller The Blacklist as Heddie Hawkins and her fans were shocked to see her physical transformation in the newer episodes of the series.

As whenever an actor undergoes a transformation, a lot of fans and viewers gets stunned and freak out and that was the case with Aida Turturro too. Everyone got curious as to what did Aida do to lose this much weight, what is her diet routine or workout routine and anything they could grab a hold of.

How did Aida Turturro lose Weight?

Aida Turturro diagnosed with type 2 Diabetes:

In 2001, Aida Turturro was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and when she found out about it she spoke in Skill Magazine in 2007,

“About five years ago it came up in a checkup that I had high sugar in my blood. My doctor put me on an oral medication, but I was basically in denial. So, I found out I had diabetes and I got really upset, and then I basically forgot about it. I did not read about diabetes or study it, I guess I did not realize what it meant or what risks it brought.”

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Aida was in denial for a few years and did not take care of it, as she was not aware of the seriousness of diabetes. Just like her a lot of people neglect the diabetes like it would not affect them in any way and after some time they start to regret it.

Aida got asked that when did she decide to take care of her diabetes and she replied that her doctor informed her that her blood sugars were out of control and told her that if not taken care od she may get renal disease, heart failure, blindness, neuropathy and even death.

After that she decided to take care of her diabetes she started dieting, took medication and also started to take insulin of to control it and she even felt the change and said that I gained control of my illness for the first time.

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Aida also started to consult with a nutritionist as just starting diet on your own for a diabetes patient in not very smart thing to do. She also mentioned in the interview that,

“Nutrition is everything, we could talk about food for hours. Eating healthily is different for a diabetic than for someone without diabetes, for instance, someone who’s just trying to losing weight. If you’re diabetic, you really have to understand what you body does with the food you eat. Some people think of sugar as just the table sugar you put in your coffee.”

This disease is the reason she had lost so much weight and now she is actively involved in the treatment of her diabetes and also focuses on national public outreach program that is funded by the pharmaceutical firm Sanofi-Aventis.

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